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[ Resurrection ] The Mistula Holy Week Update

Mar 25, 2005

    1. Mistula has risen to a new single, band photos, fan fiction, artwork and more offerings. See and believe.

      The new Mistula track, The Last Supper, features Manx Minuet on vocals. Click II MUSIC to download it for free on Mistula.com.
    2. *dies along with Mistula*

    3. OMGnewsingle *waits semi-patiently for sunday*
    4. And on sunday they shall rise again...<3 Can't wait!!!

    5. Not just dollfeet. SUPER dollfeet.
    6. 0_0 Oh ...oh....oh.....oh..... **dies**
    7. fuuuu >o< they shall.. .must rize!!
    8. So, at sunday, they will be back... don't they???

      And... wow! great photos!
    9. It does have an odd sense of attraction... as one finds that one is staring longer by the minute.
    10. Oooh... very cool.

      (what's this about a new single? *perks* )
    11. *le sigh*
      must.... hold.... on....

      Ok stupid reply.. but Lugosi rocks my world!!!
    13. Let Mistula comes back from the over river side of the Styx!!!Will check in three days!!lol

      (P.S.: do you seperate bigger toes or it is the shadow on the pic? :D )

      :daisy :daisy :daisy =flowers on the Mistula's coffin
    14. I think the best part about the whole update are the guitars the band members got this time! Where else are you going to find a custom-sized bjd guitar shaped as a CROSS? Woohoooo!!!!
    15. *dies for the new update*

      Uno's guitar rocks.....I want one for me..*cries* lovely, lovey and the music is wonderfull as usual. :D
    16. Hmm... This one I really like!

      What delicious vocals...
      What a sharp guitar...
    17. YEEEY! BACK BACK BAACK! *___*
    18. *babbles incoherently over the new guitars*
    19. WOW!! <-- my reaction to the update