Reverse of Normal

Mar 10, 2019

    1. I have a couple of dolls wearing soft glass that I got straight from the Masterpiece website, and I like them very much - although the sclera eventually starts to yellow a bit, and they need to be replaced. I've never bought them without knowing who they were for, though, because they're not limited, so no rush.

      I totally get the question, though, because I am a sucker for cool eyes, and I've definitely splurged on some limited ones on occasion, just because I hope that one day I'll have a doll that they're perfect for. So far...I have a lotta lonely eyeballs with no eyesockets. :sweat
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    2. I totally did that when I was shopping last time! :lol: I fell in love with Salafina eyes so I ordered a few pairs for my future dolls :whee:
    3. That's hard to do, buying the eyes first. I do buy eyes that I am a sucker for in hopes that a doll can use them someday, but it's not so specific that it decides which doll I'll buy. I have a small collection of extra eyes in mostly 16mm since that used to be such a common eye size for large dolls. Lately it seems whatever new doll I get, they are taking 14, 12 even 10mm. feh. I guess I need to start hoarding smaller eyes. >__>

      (I do have eyes from Masterpiece, mostly custom made. They really are the best option for fit in a couple of my older dolls. However, most of the time they are sent with a flaw and I have to get replacements made (hair sticking straight out of the iris, layers already separating, etc). Masterpiece has always re-made them without question, which is hugely appreciated, excellent customer service, but it does add extra time to getting the eyes home in perfect condition.)
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    4. I have a pair of 14mm Silent Paradise eyes that I fell in love with the moment I first saw them. I ordered them without already having a doll to put them in. When I received them, I was blown away with how beautiful they were, but, unfortunately, I still haven't found a doll to fit the eyes. I mostly like realistic types, which tend to take much smaller eyes, but these eyes are so perfectly and aesthetically wonderful that I have never tried to sell them. One day, I keep telling myself. One day...
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    5. Not so much with eyes, but I have bought a wig just because it was pretty and on sale, even though I don't have a single doll who can wear it....
    6. I just bought two pairs of eyes for a set of dolls I'm unlikely to even get this year, so guilty as charged! They were preorders from TianBa0830 on instagram in limited slots so I had to take the chance when it arose (sometimes the stars do align for me). No regrets.
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    7. I see so many beautiful eyes that I wish I had a doll for them. Variability in sizing always stops me. Like I just know I'd find the perfect eyes but then the doll I fall in love with for them would be the wrong size!
    8. I had Vala's wig for almost four years before I actually bought her. It's a liv wig I bought during the initial Liv wave 1 because I thought it was cute. It just was too big for the doll I had bought it for. So I held onto it... then I got Vala and that's all she wrote. lol

      I also had Noah's wig long before I got her, since it was initially my doll Kazumi's wig but when I tried to buy my RS Song a new one, it didn't fit him at all... so I put it on Kazumi and that was all she wrote too. Then when I got Noah, I knew that was gonna be her wig.

      I have a surplus of wigs from how many times I tried to buy Avalon a new one.
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    9. I am an absolute, unapologetic eyeball FIEND...
      I have more than I'll ever use, but I just can't pass up a pair of gorgeous eyes when I come across them. Even if I don't immediately have a doll I want to use them with, I'm still apt to buy them and stash them away for potential later use.

      That's partly pure collector's instinct talking and partly a "lesson learned" from years in the hobby... Supply is an uncertain thing. If you wait until the minute you need something to buy it, you may end up disappointed. It might be sold out. The manufacturer might have discontinued it. The company may have gone the way of the dodo. So there's a certain wisdom in "getting while the getting is good", if you can afford to and trust your own judgement.
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    10. Soft glass eyes, I haven't heard of them. I am going to look that up right now, cool!
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    11. You'll love them! <3
    12. Heh, I call it being a hoarder, and I am SO guilty - although more so with wigs than eyes. I still love all of the goodies that I've bought and never used in ten years, but then I have to ask myself, am I a doll collector or an eye and wig collector? :sweat
    13. I have never done this with eyes because I'm super picky when it comes to the size, but I'm definitely guilty when it comes to wigs! I find it hard to resist so many shades of pink. :sweat
    14. No. Not eyes,but I like to buy cheap human sized wigs I think I will use for making wigs. And DIY doll hair. I like them so much. It's a luck I can't spend that much on that. I am a rhinestone freak... :frownyblush: I used them for fake earrings on my first doll, and bought some other types, because that time I planned that I will have a girl doll ... (Now I have only one boy and he will have pierced ears...) I've got at least 5 different size only from the white ones. (1000 db/size:sweat) and a few different type (holografic, black, rose gold, silver, multicolor etc) Maybe I will use them someday... for something...or not:lol:
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    15. I haven't even thought about purchasing human sized wigs and creating my own wigs!

    16. If you are patient enough you can cut the wefts from the wig cap, and use it like other DIY wefts. :)
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    17. I am patient until I need to be patient! :lol:
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    18. That's very good. :lol: I am patient when I'm doing things I really like to do.
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    19. I have to have a doll in hand and look at them for a bit before I decide what eyes they need. Also I see you're from Hixon! One of my dearest friends lives there and I live in Nashville, TN
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