Reverse-Searching stolen/resold product photos?

Mar 14, 2020

    1. Sometimes when browsing, I find what is clearly a company photo. Sometimes this is on the endless link circle of pinterest leading nowhere, and other times it's clearly a reseller or someone making copies on aliexpress. While, for example, browsing clothing on aliexpress, I see many photos I recognize from taobao, such as clothing from Tata's Paradise and Bears, my image searching cannot delve into browsing taobao for some reason. Does anyone have tricks for reverse image searching product photos when the typical basic techniques aren't working?
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    2. If you can't reverse image search the normal way, try screenshotting the image and uploading it to an image hosting site site a imgur. Then reverse image search the uploaded image. It sometimes comes up with more results. It if there isn't more results all that will come up is the original image your screenshotted.

      You also have the option of asking the community here to identify a sculpt, or posting in the Ask the Admin if a post is legitimate or not.
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    3. The only technique I know is to right click on the image and copy the image URL, then paste it into the search box of a Google image search. You can also try a Bing image search just in case Bing has found something Google hasn't, but that's very rare in my experience.