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Reviews on Demon Garden 1/3 Boy body??

Oct 25, 2008

    1. Well, I'm ordering a body for my Migidoll Ryu (colour, Volks NS). I was originally planning on getting an AOD Y-Normal body, but I found this Demon Garden body (http://happyhouse4u.com/shopex/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=218&productname=) which is even more affordable and I find it decent-looking. Plus, it matches AOD Y-normal, which should be an okay match for my Ryu. Apparently proportions aren't too bad.

      Can anybody advise me on the quality of this body, though? I'm very interested, but before i order, I want to make sure. Otherwise, I'll just get the AOD body. ^_^ (though it'd be nice to save all that money, wouldn't it? XP)

      Thank you!
    2. It's not as well refined in the knee, elbow, and wrist joints as, say, Luts, but I feel it is well sculpted. The designer obviously has a decent grasp of anatomy. There's nothing flat or awkward in its posture. The resin is nice, and bubble free.

      In my opinion, the hands are a bit cartoony. The torso joint has limited movement, but that could be because it's very tightly strung. When I bought it, I planned to get rid of it if it looked low quality next to my other dolls, but I think it holds up. My only nitpicky complaint is there is an uneven spot down in the pit of the collarbone, but that's nothing to really fuss about.
    3. I have one and I find it really nice. Very heavy. I like the hands- they are large and masculine-looking. The legs are really nice. Mine was really tight when I first got him, but after I removed the head-cap (which was hard), he loosened up a lot.

      I haven't seen the male AoD 60 cm body IRL, but I do own an AoD 50 cm girl and I think the body is very nice. So really either way I think they are both good bodies.
    4. Can anyone tell me how the Demon Garden normal skin color resin compares to Volks normal? Is it in the ballpark? I'm actually looking for something that matches Volks normal or is perhaps a shade darker. :)
    5. Bump! If anyone knows, i would like to know the answer to this question too ^__^
    6. I can check for you tomorrow. If I forget, PM me and I'll do it. RIght now I'm stuck on the couch with a pulled muscle in my back. I can tell you, though, that the DG normal is a yellow normal, it that helps at all.
    7. There are two kinds of NS, a Yellow Normal and a Pink Normal. Supposedly the Pink normal will match DoT. The Yellow Normal, I am told is a dead match for Napidoll NS.

      I have a WS Demon Garden body, so now I'm getting the other two :) I did a review and photos, I'll have to dig them up! I'll be trying to match the Pink Normal to a DoT head and the Yellow Normal will probably be going to my Napidoll head if it doesn't match the Volks tone.

      Here's the thread from the Gallery Pic Requests ~ Will probably help !
    8. I have a DG 1/3 White. The body is sturdy and nicely sculpted. The proportions are spot on, but he isn't your 'skinny' guy -- he's got muscle to those thighs of his. :) His torso, however, is quite gentle, which gives his body an overall balance.

      I'd say he's got average posing ability (I can only compare it to my Re-che), and his torso has a really interesting "range" -- even if it's a one-piece, with no joint at the chest, you can push it far back from the hipbone, or forward to give him a straight posture. I find that his arms move well, too. Maybe I'd like him to be just a little better sitter, though -- can be tricky to get him to stay seated. He stands well, though.

      Skin-wise, I find that the white tone did not match my Karon head (Luts White) very well. It's one, perhaps two tones darker than the head. However, it's barely noticeable under certain lighting. As for the resin itself, it's flawless as far as I can see. It's smooth and not shiny.

      Hope this has been helpful~ :candycane:kitty2
    9. I'm using a Soom Laon head (nice match) on a DG boy body and really enjoy it. The body is particularly good if you are looking for a less muscled look, which I was. The resin has nice weight and is silky smooth. My opinion is, everything about the body is pleasant, with a nice range for posing.
    10. My Normal ( yellow) DG body just arrived, and in the artificial light it looks a great match to my Volks boy.( I will confirm this tomorrow when I have the natural light back.)
      I am very impressed with the body and service from DG so far though.
    11. Yes, I've managed to get pics and it's a very good match:
      It also matches the AIL heads well too:
      Hope this helps...
    12. thank Mich'pics,it really helps me a lot^^
    13. Mich, thanks for the pics~~ I like his good sculpted thighs <3
      My only concern is the flexibility, sounds like the joints are a little bit weird...
    14. If you mean the top leg joints, so far I've had no problems at all.
    15. Thanks for the info Mich! The body I ordered just shipped so it's very reassuring to see it's going to work out for me. Funny thing, my DG body is going to my AiL head as well! Only mine is a Bertram.

      I'll give some feedback as well as soon as I can. ^_^
    16. Thanks for the reviews on the demon Garden body!
      I just order my napidoll serios head and I thinking of getting a demon garden body soon.
    17. Does anyone know if which one (normal pink or normal yellow?) matches Minimees? I think the body is love :) I can't wait to order one!
    18. The comparisons already given here were very helpful for me so far. Right now I am thinking about a DG body for my Yeon-Ho Head but from what I can see in the pictures the white skin seems much brighter than the Crobidoll white. Does anyone of you have the possibility of comparing them? From just looking at the pics on the Happydoll website I'd say Y-Normal looks fitting. I have an AoD girl in whiteskin and its much brighter than the Crobi white :(.
    19. There's a Yeon-ho on the Y-normal in the forums. The match is close to flawless.