Reviews on Elfdoll Rainys?

Sep 16, 2006

    1. Ok, I did my fair share of searching and maybe I'm just flat out missing something, but I can't find anything that answers any of my questions about Elfdoll girls, Lydia specifically. As a matter of fact, during my search I was alarmed at some of the things I found. I mean, I was aware of the incident where the lady's Soah's face melted, but I knew nothing about the foot screw clean coming out!

      Basically, I'd like to know:

      1) How much taller are Elfdoll girls than, say, CP girls?
      2) What is the resin like? Is it easily damaged or excessively rough?
      3) Can Elfdoll girls wear SD sized shoes?
      4) What size wigs do Elfdoll girls wear?
      5) How is Elfdoll's service
      6) How fragile is the doll over all? Does she break easier than other BJDs?
      7) Does anyone by chance have a picture of an Elfdoll girl with body blushing (any bust size is fine)

      I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I'm much more of a lurker, but I simply can't order from a company that I know nothing about or I've heard too many horror stories about. Thank you all for hearing me out and your help!
    2. whats this about a soah face melting? im going to be getting a lydia of my own soon, i might wanna hear about this... >.<
    3. I've never heard anything about a melted face. Horror stories? Sounds a lot of bollocks to me. The owner's I know have not had any problems, except for the occasional foot screw thing. That's a known issue. Epoxy generally sorts that right out.

      I've got an elfdoll boy and he is delicious. His resin is smooth and well finished. Seams finished properly, unlike some. He's a good weight and in no way fragile. He takes an 8/9 wig, as I believe the girls do.

      If you're worried about service, try the Junkyspot. He carries Elfdolls now and his service is impeccable.
    4. Elfdoll's are very good quailty dolls. I've never heard anything about the resin melting?

      I have an elfdoll boy. He has a nice weight, and poses well. If I had one complaint it would be that their resin can be a little shiny, but other then that, nothing.

      Elfdoll's service is excellent, their comunication is good, and they usally send them out quite fast.
    5. Absolutely all of your questions and requests have been answered and can be found at the Yahoo Group for the Rainys.

      Except face melting. We have over 400 members and hundreds of Rainy dolls and not once has anybody ever brought up a face melting. Can it happen, sure. Maybe if you leave it in a bucket of sulfuric acid or something.
    6. I have heard of issues with breaking fingers, which should be common to all resin dolls, not just Rainys. I have 2 Rainys, and they are perfect (At least, that is what they tell me.)
      I have never head of a face melting, does this mean the resin or the paint? Sounds like a mythbuster question.
      The weight on the Rainy is nice, a little lighter than my SoulDoll Lupinus. I do not believe you can go wrong on buying Lydia, she is a beautiful doll.
      If you want more info prior to your purchase, you should follow the links provided by Daria_1 :)
    7. Lydia is a beautiful doll, and I'm very, very pleased with the quality of my Elfdoll Ryung, who has lived here almost 18 months now. No fingers broken, no feet fell off, and absolutely no face melting on her.

      The resin is very smooth, and the seams are sanded. I've got a picture somewhere of the blushing on mine, i'll see if I can find it and post for you.
    8. My Elfdoll Wu is the most wonderful doll I have ever had. Period. His weight is perfect, resin smooth, face so expressive and he is sturdy. We go everywhere together! (almost...)..! I got him SD13 boots from Kairn at Ajumapama and they are a little large but look fine. Karin is MOST reliable when it comes to sizes. Just email her and she will make suggestions. I hate tight shoes. Have fun with your doll and damn the topredos...full steam ahead!
    9. Just one person's experience with a Soah...

      To my knowledge, one or two of the very earliest RainyDolls had faceup issues - and those dolls had some level of modification to their faces before the melting was reported. (Of course, this only ever affected factory faceups, and Nozomi-Cho's faceup was by me) I've had Nozomi-Cho, one of the first of the basic Soahs, for just over a year - and she's as good as new. She's fallen a few times (Heart in throat!!), traveled by car (tucked into the crook of my sleeping wife's arm) and by backpack, posed for photoshoots on pleasant lanes and parking lots - and I love her more than I did when I opened her box. Elfdoll seams are sanded into oblivion, without making her resin shiney - it's got a silky smooth texture to it. 'Zomi is a bit taller and thicker through the hips than some other dolls, but most SD/SD13 clothing fits reasonably well.

      The only caveats I can think of are One: that the locking notch on her knees is smaller than that on some other dolls, and can wear down if she's not posed with consideration. (you should pull out on her legs just a bit as you move them to prevent wear) and Two: Being one of the early Soahs, Nozomi-Cho's head is not as posable as that of some other dolls. (My understanding is that newer RainyDolls - obviously including Lydia - have much more posable heads.)

    10. Thank you, all of youand everyone who responded to this in some way. I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to buying dolls and with Luts it wasn't a big deal because finding information wasn't all that hard. I honestly couldn't find anything that answered any of my questions, just things I remembered reading a while ago and couldn't be sure of. The melting face incident that I was refering to had happened to a new doll, the lady got her home and was attempting to do her face-up and apparently the resin started melting. I know I read about it here on DoA, but it was a long time ago. Thank you all for your help!
    11. This is the original thread about the melting face:
      After reading through it again, I'm still unsure about what exactly happened, but it seems paint thinner was being used to remove a previous faceup and may have been left on the head too long. Not sure, though.

    12. Hello as the owner of a Sooah ,I can answer some of your questions.. 1st the face melt thing is a crock...Its just a silly rumor...Speaking as an artist who's used the afore mentioned mediums ...Ok all of the Elfdols I have seen ,been, around ,touched -etc are as smooth as silk...They are fantastic to the touch.I am just amazed at the quailty of these dolls. .At the Denver BJD meetings I got to be around and touch many different brands..While most of the different brands were of a very good quailty .I love the Rainy's Ryung ,Soah ,Sooah,Lydia etc.because of the quality & great price ..They are more affordable to people..There is a lot of info on the Rainy's at

      I hope this info helps ...I love my Sooah the best of all my dolls.. As a seamstress she has been a blast to create for.... I plan to add more to my collection sure like Lydia's looks- oh I like all of them.tee hee..
      Hugs Phyllis Burki..
    13. 1) How much taller are Elfdoll girls than, say, CP girls?
      I can't give you a Rainygirl-to-CP comparison, but I can tell you that a Rainygirl is 57cm and a SD13 girl is 56.5 tall. Not a lot of hight difference at all!

      2) What is the resin like? Is it easily damaged or excessively rough?
      Very pleasantly smooth, and as durable as resin can be.

      3) Can Elfdoll girls wear SD sized shoes?
      Rainygirls have slightly larger feet than a SD girl, but the difference isn't huge. Rainygirls can wear most shoes.

      4) What size wigs do Elfdoll girls wear?
      They wear size 7-8 wigs, generally MSD sized wigs.

      5) How is Elfdoll's service
      Superb, fast and friendly!

      6) How fragile is the doll over all? Does she break easier than other BJDs?
      Rainydolls are just like any resin dolls. They aren't more fragile in any way at all.

      7) Does anyone by chance have a picture of an Elfdoll girl with body blushing (any bust size is fine)
      I'm sure someone has... But Shiori hasn't gotten her blushing done yet.

      I've read the thread about the girl who ruined her Soah, but that happens to all brands if you use strong removers and aren't super careful!

      Don't fret and buy a Lydia - I'm sure you'll love her! :)
    14. The only reason I was really worried is because I knew my doll would go through several face-ups as I'm never really happy with them and I see doing face-ups as a creative outlet as well as sewing my own clothes. I ask so many questions because I want to be sure about what I'm buying, so I can know what to expect.

      I would still like to see any pictures of blushed Elfdoll bodies, boy or girl (preferably girl). I haven't seen any and I just want to get an idea.
    15. I dont think you'll need to worry about faces melting off, it's one out of hundreds and I suspect the paint thinner was mis-used. ^^;

      You NEVER soak a head in solvents, because essically, the resin and the laytex paint are just a small skip away from eachother as far as solvents are concerned. Once the laytex is neturalized it wants to start on the resin.
    16. 3) Can Elfdoll girls wear SD sized shoes?
      They require a 7.5cm insole.

      4) What size wigs do Elfdoll girls wear?
      8" wigs.
      Some companies list this as MSD. Others as SD. Be wary, and look for the size in inchs.
      Slightly smaller wigs can have the elastic stretched which helps it fit.
      Slightly larger wigs can be adjusted by sewing in a portion to help it fit.
      I have both, and haven't had any problems.
      All wigs sold directly from ElfDoll have been made specifically to fit their dolls.

      6) How fragile is the doll over all? Does she break easier than other BJDs?
      If you do stupid things, then expect her to get damaged. Most horror stories are because of this.
      - Don't leave on top of fridge. They don't like high places.
      - Don't leave under pillow. It's dark and scary.
      - Don't leave soaking in liquids. She'll drown.
      I've taken Bailey on car trips, and she spends most of that in a seat belted up. I tend to take corners pretty fast.
      Her head has fallen against the wall a few times with no obvious brain damage.

      7) Does anyone by chance have a picture of an Elfdoll girl with body blushing (any bust size is fine)
      This is a standard ElfDoll faceup on a Sooah with a large bust.
      The bodyblush is only on the essential areas. :)

      As you can see her resin is matte in finish, not shiny.

    17. I've had the face off mine a couple of times, fully or partially, no problems there.

      Here's a blushed body (or portions of one, anyway). Hope it helps.

    18. Can someone who's done faceup or blushing on a Rainy confirm what the best thing to use on them to take off old faceups/blushing is? From reading the other thread it sounds like the person may have used a too-strong product. I have a Rainy but she's very new and I won't be doing her face as I really like the factory faceup. However, I'd like to know for future dolls what is best to use to take off the face without harming the resin.
    19. Thank you all so much for feedback pictures of the blushed bodies. I hadn't seen a blushed Elfdoll until now and I thought because their resin was so shiny that maybe it couldn't be blushed or the resin didn't take the pastels too well. Thank you all for clearing this up.
    20. You guys really need to become members at the Yahoo Group. DOA is a great place but if you want the ultimate scoop on Elfdolls or Rainy dolls, that is THE place. Both the blush photos came from members there and we have many more too. Also how to's on changing the shapes of hands or altering feet, doing face ups, etc. Everything is covered there. Even Rainman and several other people from Elfdoll are members.