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Revised Dollzone 70cm body? Yep. (no pics)

Jul 13, 2007

    1. Well, I received some Happy Mail from Junkspot, today: a brand new 70cm Dollzone body for my Elysium Hugo-N. But while I was happily admiring it, I began to notice something wasn't quite right with him...

      It took a bit of concentrating and squinting, but I soon realized this 70cm DZ body was not the same as my other 70cm DZ body.

      Here's a short list of what I've noticed....

      1) Feet are sanded a bit more, so there's less of a dramatic Ogre to them. Ogre still healthy and well, but just a little (tiny bit) more rounded. Some of the toes are a little smaller... presumably so they can fit Hound shoes (as I modified one of my other DZ-feet and it looks the same).

      2) Ankles have way less flex. As in, none. The foot nests perfectly in the ankle socket, with virtually no space between.

      3) The little ledge on the back of the thigh joint is less pronounced than on the original, the result being that when he sits there's less of a shocking 'pop'. It makes him less 'snappy' when you sit him down.

      4) Torso has no magnetic ball bearing. The new torso is more fitted, and the resin is thicker. The torso joint was redone so that it moves in a similar way to the bearing-torso but without a bearing in place. I think this is what causes the body to be heavier than the old version....and it is much heavier, you notice it right away.

      5) Belly and Back less deep than original sculpt.

      6) Elbow peanut-joint does not have a pronounced ledge to it. End result makes the elbow less snappy and more smooth, no more popping into a precise 90 degree angle abruptly.

      7) Fingers a little more sanded so that the fingernails aren't so deep looking.

      8 ) Neck has deeper grooves in it. This is again, similar to the mod I gave my other DZ body, so he could look around a little better.

      9) Resin color is slightly pinker, overall.

      10) The neck is not as thick, but is the same length (I took a bit of dental floss and wrapped it around both necks.)

      No pictures, but I'm wondering how widespread this knowledge is? I'm really liking this new DZ body. It's remarkably refreshing to have a company actually improve their design, rather than sit on flaws. It's a little strange they didn't seem to actually tell anyone, though...
    2. Still no pics?
    3. interesting... i want to see some comparison photos if possible
    4. It could always be that they want to surprise their customers? Sometimes a company will improve a design (you see it a lot in the computer industry) but the improvements are too small to mention.
    5. well they gotta supply some pics soon!
    6. I hope they suply pics soon :)

      I would love to see the differances in the body for my self.