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Revisiting sold dolls: seeing dolls with new owners

Feb 19, 2018

    1. I posted this back on FB a while back but:

      Does anyone else get joy in seeing a doll they sold with their new owner, whether it be right after or years after?

      I've had a few people buy from me who'll actually send me pics, or tag me in photos of their dolls they've purchased from me that I had to let go. I'm not someone who typically regrets selling--because I only sell when I know it's time to let go, or had a great reason to. I LOVE seeing people post how much they enjoy a doll they've purchased from me. Even if it's just a body, a head, etc. I'm just happy to k now they're being enjoyed!

      on the other end: I don't see /everyone/ I sold, and often wonder what the doll looks like now, how much they're enjoyed, what their character is like now that they aren't home with me.
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    2. I think this is an interesting point to bring up :0c
      I’ve never actually sold any of my dolls before but I’ve bought my venitu second hand and a lot of my head collection is second hand as well.
      I’ve never thought about the other way around and that previous owners may like seeing what new things are happening with the doll.
    3. I went to a doll meet yesterday, bringing my KDF Bory Egon I bought secondhand. I shared that I took pictures and sent back to the owner, and one of the others there actually went looking around for where his Bory was after selling him. IMO, I think it’s cool and touching to see where a doll you once cared for has gone to.
    4. All my dolls are secondhand and I really like sharing their new adventures with their old owners on Instagram and they love it! If I ever were to sell a doll (doubtful but everyone says that haha) I would love to see photos of them in their new home!
    5. I recently sold a doll to a friend who wanted to get into the hobby and occasionally she sends me photos of what she's done.

      I'm really happy to see that 1) my friend is enjoying herself and 2) that my first doll, while she didn't work for me, is in the hands of someone who adores her.
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    6. I few of my dolls are secondhand and I haven't really ever shared. Though their original owners never expressed interest in knowing. :P But when I've sold dolls, I've always told them that I'd love to see what they do with them! Its always fun to see molds expressed from others point of views.
    7. I have two full dolls I bought second hand, but I don't really share photos with the old owners. The first one seemed somewhat interested at first, but then we had a bit of an issue and while we don't hate each other or anything, we don't talk talk either, so I don't think she'd want me sending her photos. The second one just didn't seem particularly interested so I don't wanna bother her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      I've only ever sold a body so far, and I thought it was really sweet that the buyer sent me photos of the fit when it arrived and she tried the head out on it, but she doesn't really send me pictures of her customized now (though I saw her the other day on our community), and I think that's fine. I don't really mind either way, but I'm glad she's enjoying the body because I wasn't really doing anything with it.
    8. I've tried to look up every person I've sold a doll to, but I've never seen anyone post pictures of them. It's kind of sad because I'm always so excited to see another person's take on a sculpt. :<
    9. I haven't sold a doll off to anyone,
      But I think the original owner likes to see how much the doll is loved by the second owner!
      I think it's sweet when they are willing to send photos and such or tag them on instagram, etc.
      Of course me I might get homesick for my belongings as I tend to get attached to stuff XD
    10. For me all my sold dolls are not MY dolls anymore so i don't see them as my past dolls....
      I always think of my past dolls like: they didn't fit with you, so they were not your doll in the first place ^_^
      But ya, i am always happy to see them with the owner who love and care about them.
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    11. It's awesome that the people that you sold to send you pics of the dolls! If I ever decide to sell one of mine, I'd love to see that aswell.
    12. Yeah, it's a lot of fun to see people really enjoying dolls I've sold, and also to see what they did with it if they want to share. I just sold a doll that I never really did a thing with, and it makes me really happy to see the pictures the new owner has sent me/ has posted on her Instagram. Maybe it's silly since theyre obviously inanimate objects, but it's just nice to see they're getting more attention and admiration then I gave them I guess lol
    13. I wish! I love seeing anything I made or owned once out in the wider world and bringing someone joy, but generally once I sell something it vanishes.
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    14. It depends.

      I enjoy seeing people enjoy the dolls I've sold them, especially if the doll was unfinished while in my possession.

      Sometimes I miss the doll and get a little sad when I see it. ;~;

      Other times I see things like... really, really bad amateur mods (damage), or sloppy paint added over the beautiful face-up I sold it with, or sharpie tattoos... and I cringe.
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    15. I've sold probably close to a dozen dolls and I can't track down a single one... They've all disappeared, and it's kinda depressing sometimes. It might be nice to know where my first doll, a buddy doll April, ran off to.
    16. I don't go looking for dolls I've sold, but I've never sold one that was all that special to me either. I feel bad sometimes about the dolls I've bought second hand when the previous owners have seemed interested in seeing what I did with them, because it can take me years to get round to working on a doll ^^; They are all very loved, though, just sometimes stockpiled for later when I have more time
    17. Same here :(
    18. Ahh yes-- That's also my fear! Selling a great doll that I just didn't click with and seeing what happens to it after. Lol! But I also go in with it's not my doll anymore, so.. it shouldn't matter. Or try to . haha.
    19. My boys are secondhand so I'm on the opposite end of this - but they both lived with (didn't exactly belong to) the same person!! I like sharing photos (and drawings) of them with her sometimes and she's told me it means a lot to her that they're still together, hehe~
    20. It depends on the doll. I sold a few in the past I had no connection to so I haven't looked. I sold two recently that I loved but just didn't click with me. Seeing them with their new owners makes me really happy though bc they are being loved so much more