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Ricky Doll 17 Boy ~ Helios and Gene

Nov 7, 2008

    1. They ARE certainly gorgeous!! I'm not too sure I like the upper thigh joint-- but even so-- I would adore getting one of these lovelies!! The faces are so elegant!
    2. It would be nice to see some promo pictures (ie /w wig, eyes, faceup, clothing...), but I'm liking the sculpt so far.
    3. There's pics of Helios with faceup, eyes, wig, etc on his blog. :)


      I couldn't find any of Gene. Maybe there will be some when they go on sale this weekend?

      It is rather refreshing to see them blank and without all the shiny-glitziness of company promo pics too, though. :aheartbea
    4. D:! Oh jeez I hope that matches that blasted IOS resin! The body is the exact shape I've been hunting for D:
    5. I'm with you, HighPriestessIce, I crave that man-hunk of a body! Beautiful! Rather reminds me of Volks's SD17 body.
    6. Those pictures of Helios with faceup are just....:aheartbea

      Plus I have about four boys who could use that body....when are they going up on sale? Just out of curiousity...but will be bookmarking the hell out of that site!:D
    7. In the news post Ricky said they'd be for sale on the weekend so it should be soon, though I've no clue how ordering will work.

      And that is definitely one nice looking body! I like how its tall, muscled, and lean but not skinny. :D
    8. I can, by no means, afford a new body right now.. But that body is everything I have been looking for in a body as well. I wonder if it's a good match for Crobi?
    9. I really like the idea of an SD17 looking 70cm doll. Ricky's stuff is usually done in pretty limited runs though, right? I wonder how long this body will be available for?
    10. idrisfynn / the body is not limited. :)
      it will be long available. and I`ll make more option parts.

      thank you.
    11. What wonderful, wonderful news!! This means I can maybe get one with my wedding gift money!! :D

    12. I like Gelios very much, an besides I like the body :)
      I'm curious about it measurments (width of shoulders, circumference of waist, etc) and resin match with minimee and dollmore... Hope it will fit one of my poor floating heads.
    13. Finally, I think this is the 70cm body I've been wanting for my Yukinojo! :D Matches Volks, looks like a tall SD17, future optional parts! :D:D:D
      I'm so glad the body isn't going to be a limited release. I'd love to know more detailed measurements, but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it anyway. :)
      Great work, Ricky!! :aheartbea
    14. Oo! I may have just missed them before but I think there are some new pics in the blog section of Ricky's site. I think it is more of Helios ~ what a beautiful face he has! :D

      I love it when I find a doll that has both a head AND body that I like. ;)
    15. O_O....he's beautiful...he just replaced my Amelia boy as most beautiful doll I plan to own/already own. Am covering Amelia boy's resin ears with one hand as i type with the other. Is it Helios or Gene cos it says Gene's order form at the top...more importantly...when is he on sale!? When? When?
    16. So how does ordering one of the insanely gorgeous devils, work exactly?
    17. They aren't on sale yet, though I noticed that Ricky updated his blog and said that some of the promo pics didn't come out right so there will be a delay (who me? stalking the site? of course not!). I wonder how ordering will work too, I've never bought from Ricky. Though the mention of an order form reminds me of how other artist dolls like Migidoll and Elysium are sold.

      But there are some new pics of Gene up, and wow does he look stunning with a faceup and such. :aheartbea There are more pics of Helios too . . . its going to be so hard to choose between them! I like that they have similar faceups, wigs, etc, it makes it easier to compare them.
    18. According to the Y!J auctions the gorgeous boys will be sold around 62000yen (around 632$) each (edit: during event the price will be 620$ according to the news thread).
    19. There is something I don't understand: the event sale is only for heads with elf ears, or for both normal & elf?
      I mean, if you *don't* want elf ears, can you have the normal ones with a discount price too?
      Or do you have to wait the end of the event?