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Ricky Doll New Release Event - Iliya -

Nov 7, 2010

    1. Pre-order the Ricky`s New 17 boy, Iliya, Today
      and get a special discount and much more!

      Limited Time Offer
      Special Prices Valid Only November 30, 2010​

      New Ricky Doll website is coming soon!
      Our company plans to remodel the Ricky Doll website
      and re-launch it on the first of the coming month.
      And there will be a Grand Opening Event for the Ricky Doll international shopping mall, Next year.
      Customer demands required us to reprint the Helios and Gene!
      It will be in small quantities and available only while supplies last!

      And Renewal body Maintenance cost down 10% until 30. Nov. 2010
      Limited sale in Den Of Angel. Thank you :)

      The first and second pictures are examples of a head with makeup.
      And, the third picture is one without make-up
      more picture go to http://rickydoll.com/ WorkList Menu



      You can order the Normal skin - Human version Only.
      The body of the doll is a renewal version. The wrist, knee and ankle are remodeled.
      Its legs are smaller than the original - 69.5cm include head

      Preorder period : November 7 ~ November 30, 2010
      Payment period : November 7 ~ November 30, 2010
      Preparing period : 45~55 business days
      Shipping period : January 15 ~ January 25, 2011

      About order detail page

      * Orders are picked on a "first-come, first served" basis.
      * You may get an email with EMS(Express Mail Service) number after the order is shipped.

      height (include head ) : 69 cm
      head : 9 inch ( wig size SD & DD Ok )
      foot : 8 cm ( compatible with SD13 )
      eye sizes : 16 mm ( 18/9 mm ok )
      width of shoulders : 14 cm
      circumference of neck : 11 cm
      circumference of chest : 26 cm
      circumference of waist : 20 cm
      circumference of hip : 25 cm

      ☆ Iliya Head : $200 each (Limited edition)
      ☆ 17 boy body : $500 each (Standard edition)
      ☆ 17 boy Iliya : $ 600 each (Limited edition)
      ☆ Assemble service & Carrying case : $ 50
    2. [​IMG]

      New photo Up :)
    3. hands + forearms fit on old body.

      But, The hole of the joints is different.
      Forearms`s hole shape is different.

      Old vesion is horizontal and new one is vertical.
      [ Old version is ( - )shape, Renewal version is ( | ) shape. ]