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Ricky Original 6th Head Fahren

Jun 15, 2007

    1. hi, i'm interested in your heads, they look very beautiful
      but i have some questions, does the resin match any other company?
      i've been looking at the other molds you've made, will those be sold again or were those limited? do you only sell on ebay?
    2. Hi keii,

      Fahren head use Volks`s SD9 or SD13 bodies. maybe luts body, too.
      I used a Volks`s 13SD body in this picture.

      This 1st limited mail-order term is valid until July 2007 Second week.
      This E-Mail order Limited order period of time, E-Mail Order not every time.
      Because of Order made completed on given time.
      I selling only order period of time.
      Fahren is not limited. But your E-Mail order is limited to order time.

      More Details

    3. I take EMail - order inside Den.
    4. New picture update~!