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Right up their skirts... for some strange reason...

Jun 4, 2007

    1. It is funny, my friend Teddy, who got me hooked on BJDs, has observed that for some strange reason, everyone who looks at any of the dolls in his collection, the first thing they do is turn them over and look up their skirts. :huh?: And we cannot figure out why.

      So, I was just wondering as a point of curiosity, how many of you have found that people have tried to do that or the equivalent motion to your dolls. And if they discovered that they were anatomically correct, what was their reaction? ;)
    2. If someone tried to look up Elina's skirt, i'd SLAP them. :evil:
      How rude can you be?!
    3. The workers at the comic book store I usually go to have stripped each and every doll in my collection. And then left them sitting pants-less on the counter for me to groan at when I returned from grabbing what I needed. I don't know what the other customers thought, but I do know that it was all good-natured fun. Of course, I know the people there. If a stranger did that, I think I'd be much less amused.
    4. A lot of people always want to see that xD I don't know why? Its odd behaviour I suppose. Maybe people are just very rude! I do recall my aunt lifting my dolls skirt up to show my cousin her underpants and they were laughing but I was very embaressed and felt terrible for my doll!
    5. I had to show a co-worker my hounds bits to prove he was indeed a He. It was the only way to convince her *rolls eyes*
    6. Elina won't allow people to see her underwear. Someone at the con said they could see her undies. We pulled her skirt back down (it had ridden up a bit) and gave them a glare.. She's very uptight about that sort of thing.
    7. My two friends Chibi and Ky met Air and Aki a few weeks ago for the first time, as soon as they found out both were anatomically correct they wanted to see. XD
    8. Since I'm the one who mentioned it in teh first place, I'd better comment.

      I don't know why it is, but it appears to be some sort of automatic reaction on being handed a doll - tip it up and look up the skirt.

      {shrug}.. Perhaps their own dolls never had knickers when they were kids?

    9. I've not had this reaction yet, as I've not taken my boy out in public so far. But I remember from being a child, that was the first thing everyone did to my dolls. I think part of it is the top clothes tend to be very detailed so people like to see if the undies are as well finished.
      Or it just could be that most people are pervie:lol:
    10. Unfortunately un-pantsing my boys seems to be the only way to convince a lot of people that they are boys. Now I have people asking if my girls are girls. I'm always shocked when they ask about Maddy though, she's a SD16 girl... huge chest area! Yes, she's a girl. But people always seem to feel the urge to "double check" which can be a little irritating.
    11. I've had this happen, and mostly with people who collect dolls are the ones who did it to my girl. They lifted her skirt and tried to take off her shirt to see her back. My guess is maybe they are looking for markings of identification. Most collectable dolls have inner thigh markings ^_^ (or maybe we are all pervs at heart haha)
    12. Mostly I find it's with non-doll people.

      So I somehow doubt they are looking for makers names/markings etc.

      On the other hand, I've heard storeis of people lifting the skirts of people in costume (histoircal costume at re-enactment events etc) on occasion, in order to see what they heve got on underneath, so I suppose it's even easier to do to a dol which you only have to upend and most people don't feel they need to ask permission to do.

    13. I haven't had that experience myself, but I suspect the "universal reaction" idea may be closer to the truth than not. One of my best friends has an enormous (and I do mean huge...) collection of anime and game figures - primarily girls - which he used to take to work to show them off. The absolute first thing that would happen was that his boss would tip them over to check for "pantsu."

      So... I made him a small Obitsu doll for Christmas. Complete with undies, on which my daughter insisted that I write the words "no peeking!" ;)

      In all seriousness, I suspect that people really can't imagine an anatomically correct doll, if they've been brought up with Barbie. It seems natural -- if rude! ;) -- to want to see if it's true!
    14. I never really though about this, but yeah, I agree that this happens quite often with non-doll people. I wonder if there is some kind of perverted impulse in all of us, and that we automatically lift up the skirt of a doll simply because we can. What I mean is, one must of course have to control the impulse to look up the skirt of a human girl but a doll cannot control the actions of the people around her. So maybe people "take advantage" of the situation. This kind of goes along with FanTom's comment about people in costume- this is a somewhat socially acceptable instance to see the underwear of a person.

      As for why people would have the impulse to look at underwear anyway...I have no idea. Maybe it's some kind of evolutionary thing...
    15. People are usually to afraid to even pick up my girl after I tell them how much she cost, but those who dare to hold her usually do this, yes.. It's weird.. I guess they are just curious, and short skirts can be tempting ^.^
    16. One of the first things my sister did when she saw my doll was discover that the "fly" on his pants opens... :sweat
    17. when i was gone from the house one day, my sister and stepdad looked at him while Leo was sleeping and saw he was wearing underwear underneath the blanky and pulled it down [not really look up the skirt but still X0] i was pissed when i heard --- looking up the skirts XD if i saw someone do that id be kinda creeped out
    18. people probably have trouble believing that the guys are guys and the girls are girls lol. plus most dolls didn't come with underwear(such as barbie) so i guess some might want to prove to themselves that the dolls wear undies? or maybe they're just pervs! XD
    19. I had Haku at work with me once, and of course the guys in the shift wanted to strip her. On break I had her flash the shift manager, for giggles, but what got me was when before we left, the other guy turned her over, raised her skirt and went "Cool! You can put out cigarettes on her butt!"
      Guuuuh. @_@
    20. A woman I know who runs a doll shop told me this happens all the time. We figure it's because the doll clothes look so complete and small and perfect and people want to look at all the tucks and lace and all the other layers.

      And hey, if I've spent a long time and a lot of effort on making all those underlayers, heck yeah, I want people to know they're there!

      I don't think she has much of a problem with people actually undressing them though.