New Doll Ringdoll-1/3 scale military uniform series---Cyanopathy(Aooni) !

Jul 3, 2018

    1. Dear friend, 1/3 military uniform series---Cyanopathy(Aooni) Faust has been released offically!
      Before 14 July 2018, the first 20 people buy fullset and cloth, you could enjoy 10% off.
      Fullset is 669usd, 10% off is 602usd.

      In the picture, Cyanopathy(Aooni) Faust is normal skin.
      More detail: RingDoll

      1. About the cloth, if you have bought the fullset and basic doll of Aooni or Aooni styleB, you could enjoy 20%off for the cloth of Cyanopathy(Aooni) Faust.(please give us the screenshot of the order)
      2.The fullset doesn't include the telescope, you could buy separately.
      3.Layaway is acceptable. For more,please email to: [email protected].
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