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RingDoll [10/14]12% discount! Updated skin tones comparison pictures!

Oct 10, 2009

    1. It was received that Ringdoll's skin tones were special colors, which were not easy-match with other dolls. For this reason, Ringdoll is planning to change the normal pink and normal yellow skin (white skin won't change). Now Ringdoll likes to offer 12% off discount to sell the old normal pink and yellow skin dolls to customer.
      And we offer make-up and other clothes, wigs, shoes, eyes, tools and other accessories as original prices at the same time.
      Please contact Ringdoll's agent jeeryama here http://stores.shop.ebay.com/DollsSinging, or purchase from other oversea agents

      (Purchase only head or body, please contact the agent first).
      In stock:
      Lily - pink 3 sets, yellow 4 sets
      EN - pink 2 sets, yellow 5 sets,
      DON - pink 5 sets, yellow 3 sets,
      Shao - yellow 7sets,
      Ran - pink 20sets , yellow 5 sets,
      Ryan - pink 10sets , yellow 5 sets,
      Dylan - pink 13sets , yellow 13 sets,
      Customer could also purchase our NEW pure normal & white skin dolls in original pirce.


      Comparison pictures
      RD Pure noraml skin (new) vs White skin vs Normal pink skin (old) vs Normal yellow skin(old)

      B&G normal skin vs RD pure naormal skin(new) vs Volks normal skin
    2. wow good news , would you tell me ”Shao - hao 7sets, “ what's mean ? what skin have stocked for shao ?
    3. Dear dearmrsin
      i asked ringdoll " shao - yellow 7sets," have stocked !

    4. Catas: How long will they be selling their old skin tones?
    5. Ringdoll are not making any more dolls of the pink and yellow skin colour at present, they are changing it. Therefore the list above is what they have already made and are now selling at the discount. They will sell them until they are sold!
      Hope this helps!
      Cheers C x
    6. Is this an example of the new skintones or the old ones?

    7. I think it's the old ones, but I may be wrong xD
    8. my dear this is old skin, 12%discount skin !
    9. Only at Sakura Den:

      Not only will you save an already discounted 12% on old Normal-Pink and Normal-Yellow skin tones on Ringdoll dolls, but you can save another 10% on your entire order by using the discount coupon code den_angel at Sakura Den.

      That's a total 22% discount on your naked Pink or Yellow Ringdoll doll!

      The 12% Ringdoll discount is only valid for another 2 months (ends end of December, 2009), so hurry and order before it's over! :)

      Order at: http://www.sakuraden.ca/store
      or PM/Contact me.