Sales Promotion [Ringdoll]10%off promotion event in Mar!

Mar 6, 2020

    1. Dear DOA
      Ringdoll Promotions in March (3.7-3.27)
      7th Mar to 27th Mar,2020
      1. 10% off for all, except for limited products;
      2. Up to $798 will get a free blank head (please note the model and skin color , without notes , you will get a Ashford evo head in normal skin) ;
      3. Buy any full set will get $ 68 doll gift package: eye sticker, CaCa Clean, doll stand, comb, wig, random glass eyes.

      1. Agents of the above events can participate;
      2. Support instalment details consult [email protected];
      3. The final interpretation right belongs to ringdoll official.
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