Event Ringdoll Autumn Event

Oct 11, 2016

    1. Dear friends,

      We are holding a new autumn event now.
      Here is the details:

      Ringdoll Autumn Event
      1.Order over 200USD,you can get a doll stand as gift;
      2.Order any blank basic doll,you can get faceup(50USD) and a doll stand as gift;
      3.Order any fullset doll,you can get 80USD accessories and a doll stand as gift;

      1.The sold-out limited faceups are not available for gift(such as K,Carmilla,Dracula,etc.).
      If you order any of these blank dolls,another available faceup with the same sculpt(e.g.K-style B faceup for K blank) or 50USD accessories will be offered as gift.
      2.Layaway is acceptable.
      3.Ringdoll dealers are included in the event.

      All rights reserved by Ringdoll.

      pls contact:[email protected]

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