Limited Items Ringdoll christmas limited doll Ming has been released!

Dec 25, 2017

    1. Ming is a Christmas limited edition with unique style,with a limited quantity of 10 fullset for global sale.
      You just can purchase by Ringdoll 2017 Christmas Event after sold out. (Link)

      Ming Fullset is 330USD.(Link:RingDoll)


      1.Ming style-A and style-B makeup, eyes, scarves are different and for a fixed match,
      buyers need to contact official Email notes want to style-A or style-B, and skin color.(Email:[email protected])

      2.Resin color in pictures: Tan skin.
      Optional skin color:normal/white/tan/Wheat color for option.

      3:Cloth include hat,scarf and outfit.

      4.Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected].

      5.It takes 60-90 business days for production before shipment.
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