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[Ringdoll] Christmas Sales Promotion Event- +Head/clothing for $1

Nov 5, 2010

    1. From Ringdoll:

      'Ringdoll is beginning to release the sales promotion No.1 from 2010.11.10 to 2010.12.25:

      Purchase a RTbody-2 or RTG60-1, customers can add $1 for picking any one RD Teenager head(female or male) they like;
      Purchase a RKbody-1 or RKbody-2, customers can add $1 for picking any one RD Kid head(female or male) they like;
      Purchase a RGbody-1(Grown-up body) that will be released soon, customers can add $1 for picking the first RD Grown-up head.

      Purchase a RD 63cm Teenager nude doll(famale or male) , customers can add $1 for picking one suit of RD Teenager clothes(except the sold out ones);
      Purchase a RD 43cm Kid nude doll(famale or male) , customers can add $1 for picking one suit of RD Kid clothes(except the sold out ones);
      Purchase a RD 72cm New Grown-up doll , customers can add $1 for picking one suit of RD Grown-up clothes.'

      So thats a head or clothing for only an extra $1/.~68p! Don't miss out!



      Ringdoll @RoseDolls

    2. The RingDoll Christmas Promotion has been added to the Mint on Card site. Please see any RingDoll listing for further information.


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    3. Are the limited heads, such as Armand and Jessica, exempt from this offer or not?
    4. Ringdoll officer told me that the sales policy is for all of their dolls. So I think Armand and Jessica are available.
    5. The Armand head sculpt is not included in the $1.00 head offer, Jessica is though. Make-up is also included on the heads; Jessica's head is only available with the 'Gore' make-up, the standard make-up is not an option.
    6. The Grown Up dolls don't seem to have been released yet. Is there any date on that, since they are included in this offer?
    7. They said it will be "November" but no actual date yet. It was supposed to be released earlier but they had some problems.
    8. UPDATE:

      1. The grown up doll will be released at the end of the month.

      2. Armand is not available in "+ $1 for head" but anyone who would like to pick him as the $1 we will reduce the price by $100, which is essentially free a free clothing set.
    9. Since it looks like the grown doll won't be ready till the end of the month, would folks be able to order it through you if it's out past MIC's Nov 24 order date?
    10. A new order date will be posted after Nov 24th, and it will fall within the Christmas promotional period.
    11. question if i buy a RD 1/3 Girl Body RTG60-1 can i have adding $1 extra a military uniform in SD size?
    12. Only heads can be bought for $1 when buying bodies.
    13. I just wanted to point out that there has been some adjustments to the promotion since it started. Customers who order fullset dolls can also choose a $1.00 outfit. Customers who order the limited edition Armand will receive a $100.00 discount. The additions to the RingDoll promotion should be available from all RingDoll dealers.
    14. Ringdoll said the skin of Grown-up would be White or Normal or Tan !!!
    15. Considering different requests, Ringdoll said they could change the shoes & eyes & even outfit if you like in full-set.