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Ringdoll discount specials at Featherfall!

Oct 11, 2009

    1. Worth noting - there are only a handful of each (when they're sold the promotion will end), as as Ringdoll has them in stock they should ship out soon.

      If you're purchasing through us, please use the coupon ringdollskinspecial at the time of ordering.

      From Ringdoll:
      We received feedback that Ringdoll's skin tones were special colors, which were not an easy-match with other dolls. For this reason, Ringdoll is planning to change the normal pink and normal yellow skin (white skin won't change). Now Ringdoll would like to offer a further 12% discount to sell the existing stock of normal pink and yellow skin dolls to customer.

      Make-up and other clothes, wigs, shoes, eyes, tools and other accessories are not included in the discount.

      Please contact your agents for further details.

      In stock:

      Lily - pink 3 sets, yellow 4 sets

      EN - pink 2 sets, yellow 5 sets,

      DON - pink 5 sets, yellow 3 sets,

      Shao - yellow 7 sets,

      Ran - pink 20sets , yellow 5 sets,

      Ryan - pink 10sets , yellow 5 sets,

      Dylan - pink 13sets , yellow 13 sets,

      NOTE: There is one NS PInk Shao in stock ready to ship at Featherfall, and we would give the discount for his purchase too.

      Nearly Sold out LE outfits

      As a heads up, since some of you may be gearing up towards the holiday purchases, the following LE are down to their last handful:
      O-Hanami Fer( MSD): 8 left
      Forest Prince ( MSD): 8 left
      Steampunk Traveler: (SD) 4 left

    2. Do you have a link to look at the dolls?
    3. here have ringdoll pink and yellow skin pictures
      white pink yellow