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Ringdoll doll Kirin

Jan 17, 2012

    1. I like the fullset! Cool clothes. Is the tatoo included in the sale?
      I wish they show the head sculpt more clearly, without the wig.
    2. i know ! all the weapon's as well :fangirl:
      yes , $699 is everything full set~
      the weapon's , tattoo , clothing , bag , wig and etc ~

      well you can ask jenny about the blank doll or nude doll picture ~ :'3
      oh ringdoll know how to steal money from customer :(
    3. Wow pretty interesting...with a name like Kirin I was expecting a guy in a flowy robe, and BAM--Indiana Jones meets Hong Kong action movie. I like him!
    4. LOOLL ! Indiana Jones meet HK action movie ! xD
      i do agree , though first i think its a she not a he ... since kirin is a pretty usual name for girl in japan also mean giraffe though ........ :sweat

      but i think RD take this doll too high with all the acc's and stuff , i mean its fine full set with weapon's but rope as well ... ? :doh
      though i still gonna start saving for him ... his tattoo makes me squeee :fangirl:
    5. oh my ! so look a like :o

      oh well even BJD company like to make their do cosplaying something ~
      oh i want him even more now :D
    6. Whoa, I didn't see that coming...gotta be honest and say I think he looks better than the doll =P
    7. Great boy... as all of RD Growns... Eh... I want to rob a bank!!!
    8. Agreed, fishbonez. ;)

      I had something else in mind with that name. But he's so cool. I'd like more of those adventure type dolls. ^^
    9. i know !! :O
      but i still found the little acc like weapon's and rope its a bit too much :sweat
    10. Yeah, a bit maybe. But that's what I imagine a typical grown Ringdoll to look like. ^^

      Also: map in leg pocket? ^^;
    11. well i got no comment for the tattoo since many people put tattoo on their doll around the shoulder and pecs as well ~

      though i'm not really into tattoo near around the part that can move or twist ~
    12. Holy smokes!

      Ringdoll are tempting me more and more with their new dolls.

      I have to say that it's all the accessories (tattoo and the weapons) that are making me fall for this guy.
    13. Honestly I LOVE his body and want it and that gorgeous tattoo. Though i don't want anything else >.< I wonder if they would do the tattoo on a normal RGMale body?
    14. The style is similar, but the style itself isn't uncommon.

      I too wish they'd give some more close ups of the face with the wig out of the way. I'm glad to see a new face and I hope they don't over use it they way they did #4 (Kay, Norman, etc) The full set is awesome and I want the sword! Hopefully it'll be on sale alone. Doubt I'll be able to get the limited relase fullset though (eyes steady on Ludwig). I can see adding him to the wish list though. And it makes me wish once again that RD would do the grown body on a slightly smaller scale.
    15. I also love her dolls! They're pretty cool! But I believe emmafangfangs doll tattoo is a temporary tattoo, I've seen them in her tao shop available a long time ago, but no longer there. The chinese dragon coiled like that is a common type of legendary creature. If you google chinese dragon tattoo alot of similar styles are like that in the arm. It's not really weird to see alot of that, I think it may be a Chinese tradition thing though.

      But omg kirin's outfit is awesome, he is a really nice looking doll. Now, I am debating whether or not to get him.:doh
    16. Forget the doll can I just have the designer?! Haha, but no the doll looks really good. And I'd love to have some of it's stuff.
    17. If only he was smaller, wanted someone who is smaller than an EID
      still he is freakin' cool!