Event Ringdoll Easter Event 2016

Mar 23, 2016

    1. Dear friends,

      Ringdoll are holding a new event now.
      the web link:http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=330

      From the company,



      1.Order over 300USD,can get a Bunny 2016 for free,
      2.Order over 400USD,can get a Bunny 2016+accessories of 30USD for free,
      3.Order over 550USD,can get a Bunny 2016+accessories of 50USD for free,
      4.Order over 700USD,can get a Bunny 2016+accessories of 70USD for free.

      The link of Bunny 2016:RingDoll


      1.The shipping cost is not included in the order total.
      2.Accessories can be eyes,wigs,shoes,outfits and other accessories for your option,with or within the value listed.
      3.Bunny 2016 is specially-designed for the event and can not be purchased seperately.
      4.The event can be combined with other Ringdoll event.
      5.Layaway is acceptable.Please email to [email protected] for more.
      6.Ringdoll dealers are included in the event.

      All rights reserved by Ringdoll.

      Please contact:[email protected]

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