RingDoll Edward Question?

Feb 17, 2021

    1. Someday I am going to get an Edward or Frankenstein head again and hybid back my best boy! I have never gotten over having him stolen. He was the most gorgeous doll and I miss him and it's all I can do not to curse the fool who took him! What I can't recall though is if he was used as anything other than Frankenstein? I know he was one of them but wasn't he used a couple of times for a circus guy too? I just want to keep an eye out so I know what to look for when I can afford him again. A full set would be beyond me, was then, but I managed to snag a head and hybrid him okay though it took me a long while to do that. I seem to recall that sculpt was used a few times? Clue me in, will you? TY!
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    2. The edward head is listed as an RGM14 which is the same one as menghe(何孟). from what I can see the blank heads are still available
    3. Awesome. :) TY!
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