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Ringdoll Frankenstein released

Dec 2, 2011

    1. Some of us have been waiting for this moment.:D

      The Original News Thread is in Archives so this thread created.

      Ringdoll Frankenstein
      is now availiable and IN STOCK!

      Discussion Thread: Ringdoll 72cm Grown
    2. Franken Stein, a man with a name of his creator, was been treated as a unnatural guy for years, and kept a lonely way of living.

      For him, animosity is the only way to get rid of Loneliness. That was so sad……Finally, he forced Dr Stein to create a "girl" for him, wishing she could be his Eva.

      Now, let's dressed him up, let's get ready to watch a romance.This time, can we meet the girl who might cure his broken heart? ……


      Franken Stein is a limited doll from Dark Ringdoll -- order accepted till Jan 15th,2012.
      PS: face-up and body drawing look almost the same as picture “Franken in white shirt”.
      Layaway is available for him.

      *Everything is in stock and waiting for your request.



      f you need any help ,please contact jenny@ringdoll.com
      Jenny will help you.
    3. is layaway 4 month possible?
    4. Hi dear,Yes.it is available for 4 months,more information please e-mail jenny@ringdoll.com
    5. Will other skin tones (such as normal skin) be available in the future or is he a one-time only release?
    6. A bit of a buyer beware, given Ringdoll's past shipping delays and issues.

      I received this message this morning from one of their dealers. I had asked whether or not Ringdoll's statement on Frankenstein's page that "*Everything is in stock and waiting for your request" was true or if this was still a pre-order in that the dolls were not ready.

      Given Ringdoll's claim on their page that the doll is in stock and ready to ship, I thought this would be more relevant here than the discussion thread.
    7. You can connect with Jenny@ringdoll.com directly. Frankenstein is available for Ringdoll official.