New Doll Ringdoll has been release new doll-LAW!

Feb 21, 2018

    1. Dear friend,Ringdoll new doll LAW has been release today officially!

      In picture,he is normal skin,RGMbody-3.Fullset is 829usd.
      There is New doll activity waiting for you!More details:

      Law New doll activity
      10%DISCOUNT FOR FULLSET 21st/Feb/2018-21st/Mar/2018
      *Can be combined with Chinese New Year Event

      1.Head: RGM38;
      2.Body and resin color in pictures:RGMbody-3, Normal skin;
      3.his outfit can be purchased separately.Its price is 189usd,
      Outfit include red crown;
      4.Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected].




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    2. I can't see the pictures. Please fix it. ^^
    3. Dear,i can see pictures.Could you change another internet browser or you can check our official website: