Limited Items Ringdoll has been release Pingjing Xiao of"Nirvana in Fire Ⅱ"

Dec 24, 2017

    1. By DAYLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT authorization,
      Yu Zuo Cultural Ringdoll released Pingjing Xiao of #NirvanainFire Ⅱ,
      after several supervision and repeatedly revised,
      he was be released in today officially!

      "Nirvana in Fire Ⅱ" is the most popular TV play in China.
      Pingjing Xiao is a limited edition.
      Period Limited: 25th/DEC/2017 to 25th/May/2018.
      Price: 710usd.
      He only limited in RGMbody-4,normal skin.
      1.Pingjing Xiao is a limited edition,the accessories in fullset can not be purchased separately
      2.This doll order can be combined with Christmas event(
      3.Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected].​

      Content introduction:

      The play tells the story of Pingjing Xiao in Langya Pavilion survey
      the case of his elder brother whom is Changlin army Vice General Pingzhang Xiao
      and involves Liang dynasty safety story.


      Role introduction:

      Pingzhang Xiao and Pingjing Xiao belong to the Xiao family.
      Younger brother Pingjing Xiao is played by Chinese popular actor Haoran Liu,
      Who is Changlin young master.





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    2. What about Akaoni, if I may ask?
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    3. They look so amazing... you're going to ruin my account.

      Will they be released worldwide or only in China?
    4. Akaoni will be released soon,please looking forward!
    5. Dear,they will be released in worldwide,and they will be released today.Please keep your eyes in our official website(
    6. Wow, they're gorgeous! I'm assuming they're going to be limited dolls; is that the case?
    7. Yes,they are period limited.
    8. He is only available as fullset? You are not going to sell the head separately?
    9. They are gorgeous! Any chance you would consider releasing the characters from Nirvana in fire 1? I'd love Lin Shu and Prince Jingyan!
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    10. Yes,we will consider.Please looking forward!
    11. Dear,he only has fullset.
    12. Excuse me asking - did Ringdoll produce any dolls from Nirvana in Fire I? I love that series!

      (Sorry, I see someone else already asked this! I would love Lin Shu too.) ^^;;
    13. Would it be possible to see Pingjing's head blank, without faceup?