Limited Items Ringdoll has been release Pingzhang Xiao!

Dec 26, 2017

    1. By DAYLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT authorization,
      Yu Zuo Cultural Ringdoll released Pingzhang Xiao of NirvanainFire Ⅱ,
      after several supervision and repeatedly revised,
      he was be released in today officially! "Nirvana in Fire Ⅱ" is the most popular TV play in China.
      Pingzhang Xiao is a limited edition.


      Content introduction:

      The play tells the story of Pingjing Xiao in Langya Pavilion survey the case of his elder brother whom is Changlin army Vice General Pingzhang Xiao and involves Liang dynasty safety story.

      Role introduction:

      Pingzhang Xiao and Pingjing Xiao belong to the Xiao family.

      Elder brother Pingzhang Xiao is act by Chinese famous actor Xiaoming Huang,

      who is Changlin army Vice General.

      Period Limited: 25th/DEC/2017 to 25th/May/2018.
      Price: 850usd.
      He only limited in RGMbody-3,normal skin.

      1.Pingzhang Xiao is a limited edition,the accessories in fullset can not be purchased separately
      2.This doll order can be combined with Christmas event(RingDoll)
      3.Outfit include armor.
      4.Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected].


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