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RingDoll Lucky Draw Notice

Oct 14, 2009

    1. Ringdoll Lucky Draw Notice
      Dear BJD lovers,

      Ringdoll company will hold on a lucky draw at the end of 2009. We will draw five prizes from the identity number printed on doll‘s card.

      There will be five lucky people who get our presents:
      Top prize: RD 1/4 doll (choose one you like)
      2nd prize: RD head (choose one you like)
      3rd prize: RD clothes (choose one you like)
      4th prize: RD shoes/hair (choose one you like)
      5th prize: RD eyes or RD accessories (choose one you like)
      ***Shipping fee is paid by prizewinners***

      And there is a short reminded to all: Please retain your doll’s identification card. You can receive your present by the card if you are the prize winner.

      Ringdoll company has the right to explain this activity.

      Ringdoll koko

    2. It is a great shame that the site is not in english as it makes it hard to navigate and impossible to buy
    3. The site is in English, though.
    4. I think you mean this page? Since the page linked in catas' post takes you to Ringdoll's website, which is in English already. There's a How to Order page in said website explaining that you need to email them your order, or contact one of their international agents. Feel free to add any clarifications/corrections though; I've never bought from Ringdoll before so I might be missing some info about ordering from them.