Sales Promotion Ringdoll-Mid Year Promotion-Lucky bags

Jul 4, 2018

    1. Mid-year promotion-Lucky bags! Activity time:30th/June-20th/July
      More detail:RingDoll
      If you have any problems, please feel free to contact with me.

      Activity 1
      Lucky bag A:Order over 450usd,you can get luck bag A(value is 130USD).
      Lucky bag B:Order over 550usd,you can get luck bag B(value is 190USD).
      Lucky bag C:Order over 635usd,you can get luck bag C(value is 240USD).
      The gift of the lucky bag is don't limited.

      Activity 2
      The lucky bags also could purchase by separately.Every type(A/B/C), we only sell 10 quantity.The items contained in the lucky bag are randomly and are not accepted specified.

      The rule of lucky bag
      1.The lucky bag is the gift of the Mid-year promotion. If you want to buy the lucky bag. Every type(A/B/C), we only sell 10 quantity. The gift of the lucky bag is don't limited.
      2.There have 3-8 items in the lucky bag, each lucky bag contains at least one set of clothing.
      3. The items in the lucky bag is not accept specified.
      4.Each lucky bag does not accept return or exchange, whether it is purchased directly or received as the gift.
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