Ringdoll Mini Discussion

Jun 21, 2009

    1. Hi -

      Does anyone own a mini Ringdoll? If so, what do you think of the quality and so forth?

      Thanks for any info!

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      Please discuss Mini Ringdoll here.
      What size clothes, wig, eyes, shoes they wear etc.

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    2. Got mine the quality is surprising, he is one of the nicest doll's I own. I'm quite surprised.
      His resin has a silky quality to it I've never experienced before in my other boys and he had absolutly no seam lines, he's sturdy and solid and poses like a dream.
      I own a Shiny doll Thaasa that every says is one of the best at poseing but this little guy beats even her, his limbs stay exactly where you put them and he can stand on legged with alittle practice.
      He is every bit as delicate and slender as he looks on the Ringdoll site there is no deception, he's just a delightfull little doll.
    3. Does anyone know what eye size they take?? I looked on the website and cannot find any info.
    4. I think mine has 12mm eye's in, however I find them too large for my tastes and will be moving down to 10mm possibly smaller, the 12mm fill's almost the entire eye and makes him look spacey.
    5. Thank you so much for this advice, I wasn't sure. So I just ordered 10 mm eyes because of your comment. XD Did you try 10 mm eyes in him yet, and does it really make a difference?
    6. my Dylan's head is TEENY! his head cap is a very small part of his head.

      mine is wearing a tinybear MSD wig that I had to cut about 6mm off the middle and re-sew it and it's still kinda loose.
      I'm not sure about other wigs but I would say small MSD wigs should be ok, or just buy a wig from the ringdoll site when you order if you want to makesure it fits straight off ^.^;;
    7. En is very lovely, Akimisawa! Hmmm I like my boys girly so I'd rather have him on the boy body.
      If the 7/8 wigs are too big I wonder if a 6/7 would work? Or do they have a funny in between size?
    8. Dear TQV , i know en eyes fit 14mm size ! all MSD ' clothes fit en

    9. My boy has a 6-7 wig, and it fits great. 7-8 is definitely WAY too big.
    10. This forum is kinda quiet but will my two cents worth. Just received my Dylan and he is wonderful! Poses great and the quality of the resin is good too. Not unhappy with him at all. Now just need to do his face up and have fun getting him some clothes. Will post a pic of him when I get him done. :)
    11. :fangirl:My Dylan is home!! However part of his full set outfit is missing so I had to contact DDE about it. I only have his kimono and 2 belts and I know I am missing the white undershirt and white shorts and white foot coverings. He told me his name and I have the proper eyes and wig for him, but for now he is grumpy about being half dressed:lol:
    12. Took me long enough to post a picture of Toshiro.......he is sorta grumpy, but cute at the same time:lol:
    13. My Dylan wears 12mm like the ones pictured, he did come with 14mm and they were too big, can't wait to see your Dylan girl!
    14. Yat More Dylan is allways good, he is still my fav mini :D
      love his nose too much.
      I still haven't bought new eye's for mine but I will get some more photo's of him hopefully this weekend as I got him some new shoes.
      Here are some older photo's of my boy Mimosa
    15. [​IMG]

      Vague- He is the old Normal Yellow skin that was discontinued it has a unique smell to it like oranges to me that is.
      scrollbrush- He has a little attitude with me since I have not gotten him any more clothing.
    16. Hi hi,

      I just got an reply from Ringdoll. I emailed them with a problem about Dylan's head not fitting 14mm eyes, as they state they're supposed to:


      This is HuangShan chief style of designer from Ringdoll brand. My English is not good so I consign Emily to write this letter to you according to my words in Chinese : )

      Thanks you very much for your helpful advice. I have just had a meeting with Design Team and Product Team about the eyes issue you mentioned. Customers will never meet such eyes-unfit problem when they get Ringdoll's new 43cm doll (and any other size dolls). For the old 43cm dolls, just Dylan's eye wells is a little small -- that because he is my first kid to create in June 2009. I am sorry to bother you and your customers like that, and later I will do some little change on the head.

      Thanks for your help again ^^ I am very appreciated for what you do for Ringdoll !

      Best Regards,


      Thought I'd share. :)
    17. scrollbrush- No is outfit is from Dollmore MSD size and his eyes are 12mm from Leekeworld glass type. I wish I could sew it would help my bank account that's for sure:sweat
    18. sewing is super easy, JUST DO IT, you'll get better as you go allong, just don't loose your temper with the fiddly bits and keep trying, even rubbish clothes can be fun to photo ^o^ and they mean so much more when it's stuff you make yourself.

      Normally I make all my dolls clothes but by Ringdoll came with a free Kimono and I just don't want to take it off him.


      Oh word of warning don't quote photo's or we will be told off by the Mods ^.^

      mmhhh and as for eye's my Dylan is wearing 12mm ones but I feel even they are too large for my tastes I shall be buying 10mm eyeco's as they have smaller iruses and larger whites. but they will allso cost $50 so I haven't bought any yet ^.^;;;
    19. Does anyone know if Ringdoll will release the MSD mechanical arm part of Valo in march?
    20. Ringdoll is a new brand which is created by Ron Fletcher from USA and the most famous BJD designer Huang Shan from China. Huang Shan as one of the most famous COSER in Asia has joined Ringdoll since 2009 and before that he was the Chief Designer from Doll-Zone company. 70% of DZ dolls were created by Huang Shan's hands and most of them are popular around the world.
      Now, RD brand has three Designers(two from China and one from Japan) and we will create many new type of dolls besides BJD and Pullip doll in the future. The accessories of dolls will be developed as well.
      63cm famale RD is coming in Mar and 75cm male RD is coming in April.