Update Ringdoll new grown Raven is coming!Add video!

Feb 14, 2017

    1. Preview of Ringdoll new grown Raven
      He is a new member of Ringdoll Army and will be released this February.
      A story for him will comes as well.

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    2. Update:
      'He took off his hard armor for a hug,but was unexpectedly stabbed through the heart.When he returned,the most ruthless revenge started.'-----From the story of Raven.
      Our Raven is coming soon and there will be a release event as well.
      Please follow us.

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    3. Share this post on your Facebook before Mar.5th,2017 and send the screenshot to [email protected], you can get 20USD off for your shipping.Click here to share: Ringdoll Facebook

      Ringdoll new doll Raven in grown size is released!
      The link to website:RingDoll

      Raven Release Event
      2017.02.24-2017.03.05,10% discount for fullset
      2017.03.06-2017.03.20,5% discount for fullset

      1.Body and resin color in pictures: RGMbody-3, normal skin.
      2.Both basic doll and fullset are available.
      3.Optional skin color:Normal/white/tan.
      4.The accessories in fullset can be purchased seperately.
      5.Layaway is acceptable.For more,please email to: [email protected].
      6.It takes 60-90 business days for production before shipment.

      pls contact:[email protected]
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    4. Is Ringdoll going to release raven basic?
    5. I'm quite new at Ringdoll, so don't pay me much attention but as far as I know there is an option to buy him without fullset :) basic blank doll is $549
    6. I was more thinking if they did that they'd release his head seperate,but thanks..
    7. Will the outfit be sold separately ?

      (Ringdoll has replied via email that you CAN buy the outfit separately, the chest and hands amor are separate as well as boots)
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    8. Sorry for late reply. Yes Raven can be ordered by basic doll, 549 USD is the price. More please contact [email protected], thank you for asking.
    9. The outfit can be ordered separately:RingDoll
      The outfit price 189USD includes: Hat+cloak+upper outer garment+pants
      If you want the chest and hand armor, please purchase them separately.( The link will be released next week)
      The hat can also be purchased separately.>link<

      For more please contact :[email protected]
      Thank you for asking!
    10. UPDATE: Video of Raven!
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