Limited Items Ringdoll New Limited Doll Zandro, 10% OFF plus Special Offer

Oct 31, 2019

    1. Hello!
      This is Zandro, Nice to meet you!
      I have a special ability of seeing the past and pre seeing the future. If you need any divination, please come to me, I will be Zandro(English) and Zandro(Japanese) waiting for your visiting.

      New doll release↓↓↓

      Full-set has limited pre-order period: 31/Oct/2019-31/Dec/2019
      New doll Activity:
      31/10/19-31/11/19: 10% off
      1/12/19-31/12/19: 6% off
      Order Fullset of Zandro before Nov 15, get extra human size tarot card and a doll gift bag free.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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