Limited Items Ringdoll new limited Sol sleepy head for Fan Meeting in Tokyo on Feb.18,2017!

Oct 17, 2016

    1. Dear friends,

      We will hold the second Fan Meeting in Tokyo on February 18th,2017.(The first one was held in Jan.2015).It will be held the day before Wonder Festival 2017[Winter] which Ringdoll team is going to attend on February 19th.

      There will be a lecture given by Ringdoll chief artist Huang Shan and on-spot communication with him,accessories sales as well as a lottery.

      Since the number of attendees is important for picking up the right place,please kindly help with the questionnaire by visiting
      The questionnaire is also on Twitter,please choose one platform(Blog or Twitter) to do.Please note that the questionnaire is not register application.

      【告知】2017年2月18日(土) Ringdollファンミーティングを開催いたします。



      For more:

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    2. Ringdoll new limited Sol sleepy head was released.
      the link to website:RingDoll

      It is only available for the second Ringdoll Fan Meeting in Tokyo on February 18th,2017.
      Sol半眠りヘッド - 2017年2月18日 Ringdoll東京ファンミーティング限定.

      Optional skin color:normal,white and tan.
      For more info:RingDoll


      pls contact:[email protected]
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    3. Is the Sol head only available at the meet? Will there be a makeup option for this head? When I saw the picture of his sleepy head I screamed so loud. :D:D:D:D