New Doll Ringdoll new sweet Candy&Lisa released with an event!

Sep 6, 2016

    1. Dear friends,

      Here are our upcoming new Ring Sweet Candy and Lisa in 30cm.
      They will be released within this week.Hope you would like them.Please advise us which one you like better.
      There will be a release event about new dolls,please follow Ringdoll announcement then.

      pls contact:[email protected]

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. Candy&Lisa Release Event
      1.Order Candy,get one free Lisa head
      2.Order Lisa,get one free Candy head
      3.Order Candy/Lisa with accessories,get one free head and accessories 10% off.

      Ringdoll new Sweet Lisa & Candy in 30cm were released.
      Here is the link to website:
      Lisa: RingDoll
      They come with new body Rsbody-4 and the blank doll is 229USD.The accessories includes outfit,eyes,wig and shoes,which can be added to the blank doll or purchased separately.Layaway is acceptable.

      Share this post on your Facebook before September 15th and you can get 20USD off for your shipping.
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      For more,please contact: [email protected].

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