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New Doll [Ringdoll]new teenager girl Alice99 is released and the releasing event!

Sep 30, 2016

    1. Dear DOA
      Our new teenager girl Alice99 today is released! With the releasing we will have a promotion event!
      Hope you would like her!
      The info is on second floor!
      #1 Robert, Sep 30, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
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    2. [​IMG]

      Alice99 Release Event
      Order Alice99 fullset,you can get
      1.10% off;
      2.an additional free Alice99 head(with makeup);
      Order Alice99 fullset(open-eye version),get a free make-up head of blinked-eye version;
      Order Alice99 fullset(blinked-eye version),get a free maek-up head of open-eye version.

      The link of Alice99:RingDoll
      She comes with two versions of fullset:
      open-eye version and blinked-eye version.During the event,both heads will be offered with her fullset.
      Optional skin color are normal,white and tan skin.
      Layaway is acceptable.

      Share this post on your Facebook before Oct.10th and you can get 20USD off for your shipping.
      Participation:Click:Ringdoll Ball Jointed Dolls - Timeline | Facebook
      to share the post on Facebook and send the screenshot to [email protected] for further.

      For more,please contact: [email protected]
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    3. The story of Alice99:
      Alice99 in wonderland
      A legend spread in old wonderland claimed that the Red King,the former gloomy ruler,had constantly sent his messenger for human girls named Alice and killed them after they were allured to enter Wonderland.It was said to be the reason that the prophet Caterpillar had foretold his life would be threatened by a human girl called Alice who would come to Wonderland some day.
      The cruelty of Red King resulted in his subjects’ rebellion against him,under the lead of his brother-the Prince White. His reign had been overthrown and the Prince White became the White King.
      The displaced Red King had kept seeking Alice.He had sent his white rabbit to tempt girls named Alice to enter Wonderland.Many years passed and girls named Alice had come to Wonderland one by one and died secretly.But the Red King had never stopped until ——
      Her name was Alice too.She was the ninety-ninth Alice,so she was called Alice99, a strong and brave girl at the age of 16,with soft blond hair.She met the white rabbit in human form at dusk of her sixteenth birthday,and curiously followed to fall into a large rabbit hole.Then she entered a wonder world.
      So magical all seemed in Wonderland.Alice99 had come across all kinds of different people,drunk a potion to shrink herself,eaten some kind of cake to grow into a giant,etc.Everything ,quite different from that in real world, was extremely perfect,which was the very world she had been dreaming of.
      Alice99 was surprised by the appearance of the White King’s messenger.She was told that the Wonderland was not perfect but full of danger.The cruel Red King went insane due to the Caterpillar’s prediction.There once were 98 girls called Alice who had been allured by the white rabbit and killed by the Red King later.The legendary Red King had horrible horn on his head and it almost covered his face which made his face in vague.He worn exotic bloody-red outfit with a crest of dragon head bones,which looked like a big monster.
      ‘Come with me,I will guide you to the White King.In Wonderland,only the area with the White King’s reign is safe.’said the messenger.
      Alice99 was a bit worried.She decided to follow the messenger to the White King’s palace eventually.....
      (To be continued)

      Hope you would enjoy the story^_^
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    4. Update:the video of Alice99

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    5. Is she a limited edition or will she be available even after the event~?