New Doll Ringdoll new vampire Carmilla in 68cm has been released!

Jan 25, 2016

    1. Ringdoll new vampire doll Carmilla in 68cm is coming soon.
      Here is the preview of Carmilla:
      Please follow it.

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    2. Ringdoll new vampire Carmilla in 68cm has been released.

      Carmilla is a limited edition with unique style,and can be purchased from Jan. 28th to Apr.15th, 2016.This edition will be discontinued when limited purchased time ends but the basic doll(without make-up) will still be available.

      Release Event for Carmilla fullset:

      1.2016/1/28-2016/2/27,10% discount for fullset and the crown(Rot106) will be offered as gift;(The price of fullset is 827USD and it is 744.3USD during this period.)

      2.2016/2/28-2016/3/27,the crown (Rot106) will be offered as gift; Carmilla fullset will be discontinued on April 15th,2016.


      1. Body and resin color in pictures: RGL68-1,normal skin;

      2. Head: RTG08

      3. Only normal skin is available for fullset;

      4. Skin color option for basic doll:normal,white and tan;

      5. The outfit Rc60-79 can not be purchased separately.

      6. Layaway is acceptable and please email to [email protected] for more.

      7. Acrylic eyes will be shipped with the basic doll radomly.

      8.It takes 60-90 business days for production before shipment.


      Contact: [email protected]
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