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Ringdoll now sells dolls! 63 and 43 cm boys

May 25, 2009

    1. I just heard the news from my contact at Ringdoll that they have started the sale of Ring Doll with 63 cm Ran A, Ran B and Ryan:

      and 43 cm Dylan A and B (no pictures of B style yet):

      They will also be available thru Ringdoll agents.
      For their opening event, all dolls are available at special sales prices. After the introduction, prices will be raised. The boys will also come with a gift ring and necklace.

      Ringdoll website

      Agents (please let me know if I missed anyone):
      Think Pink! - Netherlands
      All the Way Down - Italy
      Angelesque - UK
      Denver Doll - USA
      Manus Doll Shop - Germany
      Featherfall - Canada
      Villemo Art - Poland

      I just got confirmation that the resin is avirulent and available in white, normal yellow and normal pink.
      The normal yellow matches with Volks normal, normal pink and white match with Dollzone.

    2. The kimono that are shown in piccies will be avaible for sale too?
    3. If you visit the website (www.ringdoll.com) you will see that yes, the kimonos shown are available for sale.
    4. There's a picture up now for the Dylan B. In both sizes, the only difference between the A and B sculpts seems to be that the A's are white skin and the B's are normal-skin.

      Question: In the parts section, the 43cm body is only shown in the white tone, and there is no option showing for the normal. Would it be available in both eventually? It looks very poseable and the lines are very nice.
    5. I've mailed my contact person with some questions, including the one about the skincolors.
      I'll post more when she gets back to me!
    6. are doll measurements posted somewhere? Other then the hight. Or will the outfits fit other SD sized dolls? also, the pictures for Rc60-1 outfit are... wrong? you can't really see the outfit.
    7. Check the Parts section for the rest of the body measurements.
    8. Is there a listing somewhere of what comes with the outfits (when purchased separately)? As an example, I'm not clear on whether purchasing the "RC60" outfit would mean I would just be buying a kimono, or a kimono and undershirt with shorts, or a kimono with undershirt and shorts, belt, chains, foot-coverings, and umbrella .
    9. do you know what other companies would the normal skin match?
    10. Hi, Angelesque are also Ringdoll dealers!! Based in the UK yay!!

      I have just had a weekend away but will have full pics available from tomorrow on the site - with prices!

      Cheers xx :) :) :) :)
    11. I can't contact Ringdoll Staff by mail, so I would like to know if these dolls resin is french or urethane (normal) resin? The resin looks different to me, I love their 63cm body but I need it in urethane/normal resin.
    12. Just eyeballing it, it looks like urethane, it doesn't have that waxy glow of french resin to me.
    13. Ring doll ' service koko told me ringdoll use urethane(POLYURETHANE RESIN)

      hi Kiyakotari , about Rc60-2 outfit include: a kimono with undershirt and shorts, belt, chains, foot-coverings. not include:umbrella. order fullset Ran A have umbrella.

      hi wildefae , yes ringdoll stuff is urethane(POLYURETHANE RESIN)/environment protection resin from canada
    14. I want to know when the sale will finish?
      Because I really love this body!
      Sorry for my bad english!
    15. Sorry, what do you mean by 'avirulent'? :sweat
    16. I think he/she meant it’s not toxic/poisonous, though the term
      is usually used to refer to pathogenic-related topics, it’s just probably
      the language barrier interfering here. ^___^I don’t believe resins can
      cause infections related to bacteria/and/or/viruses.

      - Enzyme ^.^
    17. * As far as I understood avirulent means something like anti allergenic.
      * Also, the sale will end in a few months, so you'll have some time to save up :)
      * Ringdoll doesn't have a girl body yet, but I'm sure they will in the future. I'll ask about it!
    18. I think you need to edit your dealers-I emailed Denver Doll Emporium, and they do not carry the dolls.
    19. I'm so sorry! I got this list from my contact. I will take them out rigth away.