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Contest RingDoll Photo Contest! (Hosted by Mint on Card) - It's time to vote!

Jul 14, 2010

    1. RingDoll Photo Contest
      July 14th - August 29th

      It's time to vote! Scroll down for voting information and a link to the 10 finalist pictures!

      RingDoll and Mint on Card want to see photos of your lovely dolls! Please read through the rules before looking over the prizes! ;)


      - This photo contest is only open to members on DoA.
      - Although the contest is being run by Mint on Card, the doll does not have to have been purchased from Mint on Card.
      - Each participant is allowed to enter 2 (two) photos.
      - The doll(s) pictured must be owned by the person who submits the photos.
      - Only RingDoll's should be in the picture, no other dolls from other BJD companies.
      - RingDoll owners in every country are welcomed to enter this contest, with the exception of owners in China, (the Chinese market has it's own contests/events).
      - Participants can only win 1 (one) prize.
      - Only members on DoA will be allowed to vote for their favorite picture.


      There will be only one winner for each prize.

      :apresent:1st Prize - 1/3 Ryan, Pure Normal Skin, with Make-up.

      :apresent:2nd Prize - RingDoll outfit Rc60-4 (Ryan's outfit)

      :apresent:3rd Prize - 1/4 Katana Sword + 1/4 Mechanical Arm & Hand

      How to Enter:

      Photos can be submitted from July 14th - August 29th.
      Each participant is allowed to enter 2 (two) photos.
      - The photos must have your DoA name on them, either directly on the photo or beneath it, (see example below).
      - Photos should be numbered #1 and #2 along side your DoA name. Even if you only enter 1 photo please still number it.
      - Send your photos to Contest@mintoncardinc.com
      - You will be contacted to confirm that your photos have been received.

      Example of Photos with DoA name and photo number:


      - RingDoll and Mint on Card will review all of the submitted photos and choose our favorite 10.
      - The 10 finalists will be publicly posted so that members on DoA can vote for their favorite. The pictures will be posted on Mint on Card's FaceBook page. You do not need to have a FaceBook account in order to fully view Mint on Card's FaceBook page. The 10 finalist pictures can be viewed here:


      - DoA members will have from August 30th - September 5th, (1 week), to submit their votes.
      - Each DoA member is allowed 1 (one) vote. Voters must include the DoA name on the photo and their DoA name in their email vote. If the voter's DoA name is not provided then the vote will not be counted! Votes can be sent to Contest@mintoncardinc.com
      - The votes will be counted on the morning of September 6th. The winners will be announced on the Mint on Card news page, and will be contacted via email.
      - Prizes will be immediately shipped to the winners from Mint on Card.

      There is no theme for this contest, so take any sort of picture you would like, just keep it tasteful. :)


      Mint on Card, Inc

    2. This is going to be fun! Can I ask what the rules are for photo editing?
    3. There are no rules for editing. You can get creative and use your photoshop skills if you want to. :)
    4. I would suggest putting the entries on the Webpage and linking back from here ALONG with posting on FaceBook. I, personally, do not have a FB but pretty much everyone else does.

      Also, can the participants vote as well?
    5. Mint on card FB page is public, you don't need an account to view it: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mint-On-Card-Inc/32077868151
    6. Like the previous poster stated, you do not need a FaceBook account in order to visit our FB page. It is a public page so you'll be able to view the pictures fine.

      Sure can! :)
    7. I did think about that, but I don't know if her wig will be here in time either ><;

      Would we be able to enter just the head of a Ringdoll if it's on a different body that isn't showing in the picture?
    8. If the body isn't really showing in the picture then that would be fine.
    9. I have one more question for you Lindsey Kay... I have a doll that is getting some tattoo work done on her back, and I just received photos of the lineart. I would LOVE to enter one of these pictures, if that is OK? The doll's body is mine and it is a Ringdoll body.
    10. How quickly will people be notified that their entries have reached you? I sent mine Friday night and haven't gotten a confirmation email yet =(
    11. The confirmation email is automated, it's sent immediately after an email is sent to Contest@mintoncardinc.com We received your entry, (three times), your email address might be sensitive to auto-emails, the confirmation could be in your spam/junk folder.
    12. No, nothing was in my spam filters, that's why I kinda freaked out. But changing my email address fixed it since I got your conf right away. Sorry & thanks.
    13. HELLO Who would pay for the shipping?
    14. We, (Mint on Card), are paying for the shipping of the prizes.