Limited Items (Ringdoll Release)Isak is having a big discount plus limited New doll gift bag

Oct 24, 2019

    1. Dear friend,

      We are so happy to announce that Isak bjd doll is released!

      The new doll activity limited period: During Oct 24, 2019 and Dec 24, 2019

      During Oct 24 and Nov 24, Fullset and Basic doll get 10% off

      During Nov 25 and Dec 24, Fullset and Basic doll get 5% off

      Order Fullset of Isak before Nov 12, get Isak New doll Gift bag. Gift Bag include: Rc70-67+Rc70-66+Rot54+Rot55+Rc70-83+Rwigs60-88+Rot51+Doll stand

      For more, please click (For English) or Isak(for Japanese)
      We accept installment, for more, please email us by [email protected]/ [email protected]
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    2. Is it 765$ for the fullset with the 10% discount?
    3. Yes, full-set is $765 USD, after 10% off it's $688.5 USD.
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