Event Ringdoll Spring Festival Event

Jan 17, 2017

    1. Ringdoll Spring Festival Event 2017


      1.Order over $350,get gift:$30 accessories.
      2.Order over $450,get gift:$50 accessories.
      3.Order over $600,get gift:blank doll head(any size).
      4.Order over $800,get gift:blank doll head(any size)+$50 accessories.
      5.Order over $1100,get gift:blank Ring Sweet Lisa or Candy ($229).

      1.Kylin is not included in the event.
      2.Limited or sold-out heads are not available for gift.
      3.Shipping cost is not included in the order total.
      4.Layaway is acceptable.
      5.The event can be combined with release event.
      6.Ringdoll dealers are included in the event.

      pls contact:[email protected]


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