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Ringdoll Teen clothes

Dec 22, 2009

    1. I didn't see a thread for my question so I thought it would be good to start one.

      Which clothes fit Ringdoll Teen bodies?

      Specifically, do SD girl clothes fit them and do most SD boy clothes look baggy on them? (They look so thin!)

    2. Yeah I would like to know the same thing. Ringdoll Don and Ran style b is just to gorgeous. I love Ringdolls slim body:D
    3. My ringdoll don wil be arriving soon. I will try on some of the sd boy clothes I have and tell you how they fit
    4. Thanks^^ I actually have one on order too but I have no patients it seems.
    5. Anyone know anything about wig and eye sizes of a Ringdoll Teen?
    6. The circumference of SD male is 22.2cm, SD female is 21.2cm, MSD male is 17.5cm and MSD female is 17.3cm ^^. Eyes for Male dolls are 12mm and for Female dolls are 14mm.
    7. When I contacted Ringdoll they said: "Ringdoll dolls can wear 12mm-16mm eyes." Since I was specifically asking about Wagashi, I assume they meant their SD dolls can.

      My Wagashi is supposed to come with 16mm default eyes.
    8. I'm bumping this for the opposite question - which other brands of dolls will fit into Mr. Teen Ringdoll's clothes? I know I am not the only one lusting over those fabulous uniforms, being utterly positive they won't fit an SD13, but unsure about who would fit it. Ringoll boy looks really thin, but I can't tell if he's also taller/leggier or if that's an optical illusion. Has anybody bought the clothes & put them on other dolls?

      Am wondering if slender lads like Iplehouse YID, Soom Gem, Dollmore Adam, or SDGraffiti would fit...
    9. :bump this too... I'm totally agree with JennyNemesis, wondering if RD's outfits will fit boys from other companies ? Luts SDF maybe ? I also wonder if SDF boys & Dollmore Adam's outfits will fit RD Teen Boys... @___@
    10. My Ringdoll Spencer came with 14mm eyes, and he wears a size 8-9 wig. I ordered an Iplehouse YID shirt since those measurements are fairly close to his. I bought a regular SD shirt and he swims in it. Definitely too big around the chest and waist. Regular SD pants need to be taken in at the waist or belted unless you plan to cover it up with a long shirt.

      My suggestion is to take a look at the measurements of the doll that the clothing was made for. I've found shirts that fit from one company but their pants don't fit, and vice versa so my boy has bits and pieces coming from several different companies.
    11. Yeah, except nobody has posted a set of full Ringdoll Teen measurements! I searched here and came up empty! Do you have a set of measurements? I would love a reference like that. Inseam length, shoulder-to-shoulder width, waist, hip, etc. Ringdoll make fabulous clothes.

      After some discussion in a similar thread (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...l-Ringdoll-outfits-fit-Volks-sd13-or-SDGR-boy if you are wondering), I went ahead and bought the RC60-12 outfit after all.... what a crazy size!... It's definitely SD10-width, but YID-height and length. So the lucky winner, in my house, turned out to be my skinny 60cm Soom Gem Namu. The YIDs could get away with the pants, but they're a little broadshouldered for the top. I haven't tried it on the SDGraffiti yet.

      So! To flip this around: If I had a Ringdoll, and didn't want to buy him all those magnificent outfits on the Ringdoll site, I would head to Iplehouse for YID clothes, Soom for Gem clothes, and I'd even pick up some SD-Girl-sized clothes at Dollmore (you'd be surprised how much of their stuff can fit YIDs).
    12. I'm not great at taking measurements for clothes but I will soon because I'm commissioning a jacket for my Ringdoll. The Ringdoll website definitely doesn't help because they have conflicting measurements on each doll even though they have the same body.
    13. Aha! Conflicting measurements. So it wasn't just me. ^^
    14. I don't think they ever bothered to make corrections after they switched body builds. *sigh*
    15. I know you guys are probably looking at the boy body, but for the record.... Here's what Emily sent me when I asked about Wagashi:

      Girl Body

      Total Height (include Head)
      59 cm
      Girth of head
      22 cm (8.66 inches)
      Girth of Neck
      9 cm
      Girth of Chest
      23.5 cm
      Girth of waist
      17.5 cm
      Girth of hips
      25 cm
      Width of shoulders
      12 cm
      Length from Hip to Foot
      32 cm
      Length of Foot
      7.5 cm
      Wagashi Default Eye: 16mm

      By the way, I figured I'd bring this over from the Waiting Room. I've ordered a 9.5/10 wig from LeekeWorld and a silicon cap from CoolCat. I won't know until my doll gets here if this will work for her because her head is a bit smaller than the boys:

    16. Cool. :thumbup We're halfway there! I wonder if boy measurements could be coaxed out of them.

      cyranstar, would you post what you know, here, whenever you know it? I'm so impressed with those Ringdoll clothes, I'd really love to be sure about buying anything else in the future (without having to buy a Teen body for my boys to wear with them ^^).

      And I'd love to see pics of that custom jacket when it's done. You have that pretty blonde Spencer with the rabbit-ear hat, if I recall. He is sweet. :>
    17. Yep, the bunny-ear-hating-but-looks-so-cute-in-it Lore is my Ringdoll Spencer. :)

      I will. I'll be taking measurements soon. I will tell you this though. I ordered an Iplehouse YID (60cm) shirt for him and it's too big. The chest is ok but the waist is way too loose. And the boys wear an 8/9 wig, but Lore has a luts 9/10 wig that fits like a glove thanks to a silicone wig cap. Without the cap it fits but slips easily.

      It looks like they've corrected all the mismatched measurements on the individual dolls on the Ringdoll site (except for the seperate body under parts), so they list the current measurements on the RT-2 body as Chest-24, waist-20, and hips-25. I'll try to double check that soon.
    18. Here we go. Lore got stripped down to provide us some numbers here. I held the tape snug to the body.

      The chest measures 24 1/4 cm. He could squeeze into a 24, and a 25 would be loose.
      The "natural" waist is 19cm. At it's smallest point (under the rib cage) it's 18cm, at it's widest (think waist line of a lowcut jean) it's 20 cm.
      The hips are a solid 24cm.

      Shoulders are 13.5
      Neck is 9.5
    19. Wow, that's great, thanks! My goodness-- 18cm waist? My EID's thigh is about 21. :XD: How long are his inseams? He looks like a very leggy thing.

      My 60cm Soom Namu is short, so he doesn't have as much of his limbs dangling out of this outfit as Mr Ringdoll does, but he still looks pretty cool in it. ^^

      Iplehouse's YID shirts are often loose on YIDs too, there's just no predicting it. ;; Their boy-bodies used to be as skinny as Ringdolls, before they started making a 3-part torso-- I've got one at home, my old Soo Ri, who now sounds like he's fairly close to Ringdoll in size and shape too. I've now got hope that he may fit into those tailored uniforms! Oh how I love queeny fantasy uniforms. <3

      Thank you so much, and thank Lore! :thumbup
    20. I didn't measure the inseam but from hip joint to ankle is exactly 33cm. Looong legs. :)

      Glad to help!