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Ringdoll Teens, tell me about 'em!

Feb 22, 2010

    1. (Yeah I totally jacked this thread title idea...:lol:)

      I know that there are many of you that have ordered these lovelies and a few of you have them home. :D I don't have one myself, and may never (Curse my fickle inability to save mad money without it burning a hole in my pocket!) but that doesn't mean I'm not madly curious about them. This is a place to discuss them in all forms and capacities. I'd particularly like to know what you liked and didn't like about them and to hear about how you've customized them. But as I said, this is just general discussion.

      I have read that they are pretty good posers. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but with that single joint in the torso...? Are we perhaps talking posing stability or the posing of arms and legs? I've only ever handled two dolls, a DZ double-jointed and a buddydoll, and the jointing for Ringdoll's torso seems like it would make him more limited in movement. (aesthetically though, he's definitely lovely :D) My ability to field-test is low outside of if I get lucky and bold at a convention so any and all information is much loved. :aheartbea

      (If this is in the wrong place, I apologize. I get a little confused, I'm not really asking for pictures so I think this is right.):sweat
    2. I wanna know what size eyes the Ringdoll teens use. They don't say what size they are in the descriptions.

      By the way: Shao and Pan are my favorite Ringdoll teens ~<3
    3. Oooh both of them are pretty!~<3 I like Pan and Markus the most, but Shao is a very pretty boy too. I love that mechanical arm they've got too.

      Well heck, they really just have nice, slim bodies, that's part of why I like them.
    4. I'm wish to see their photos too! Are somebody here has these boys?
    5. I will have them at the end of the summer >3 I'm so excited to save up for them! <3
    6. You might want to check out some of the threads in the BJD-opedia Picture Request section. I'm pretty sure I saw a Ringdoll thread showing their posing abilities (it might have been a Ringdoll mini though). I am excited though as I will definitely be acquiring one of their mechanical arms! XD
    7. The Ringdolls in general are highly poseable. Most of it is in their arms and legs; They have some weird double jointing that takes a bit of getting used to, but is well-engineered. You pull the joint out of the upper limb, and then manipulate the lower limb into place. The joint has a thin resin "pocket" that helps hide the gapping between the two limbs. It sounds complicated, but it's easy to figure out. It makes them very stable. I had a little difficulty getting the Ringdoll Teen to stand when I played with him; He was on a smooth surface and barefoot, however. Once I got him standing, I could move his arms, head, and torso around without throwing him off balance.The smaller Ringdoll Kid stood like a rock in platform boots. There was no kicking or snappiness from either, and I believe that they were factory strung.

      The jointing in the Ringdoll Teen torso does limit his movement; It didn't seem like he could really lean back or forward very effectively. But he can twist on that joint very naturally, and is stable when twisted to the side.

      Their resin is really smooth, almost ivory-like, with very little texture to it. It has an unusual translucence that's really appealing. If you end up buying a RD on the secondary market, however, I would recommend buying one that's in the new skin "natural"; I saw the oldskin "yellow normal" and while it is certainly yellow, I'd personally have a hard time calling it normal.

      I don't own a RD, btw, I just had a good opportunity to play with one. :)
      Here's hoping some of this info is helpful to you.
    8. Thank you, there are pictures out there, but it's only Dylan and the mini that's similar to Dylan. Not that Dylan's bad mind you, I would just like to see more of them.:)http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=301763&highlight=ringdoll This is the most useful thread I can find for that, in case anybody else wants to see it. It has a lot of good pictures.. I have gone back to it many times to try to glean more details from it. :lol: I was just hoping to hear what the owners had to say about them.

      That metal arm is awesome...I just want to play with it so bad... >w<

      It really is useful information though, twinkling. Especially about the torso. It's disappointing that he can't really slouch, but considering his price point and how well it seems every other part of him can pose, I hardly think I can complain. :aheartbea The leg joint is particularly appealing since that means I can get them to bend more naturally.:D
    9. I think I'm allowed to do this as a bump...

      Anyway, there was a mention in the News thread of a 72cm Ringdoll showing up in March!!! I wonder if he'll have another torso joint?
    10. I orderd a Don back in November and after a long wait he should be here Friday.
    11. You just gotta post pictures SillyPeach:abambi: Don is on my wishlist.

      I am sososo going to get Ran style B and Don one day. I want to get them right now but I am saving up for Dollmore Dahlia:|. If I where rich I would have ordered them all 3 at once. I have been looking at the Ring teens for a while and for a BL and J rock freak like me they are perfect to create a cute J rock couple with. And they`re body is just :aheartbea
    12. Oooooh, I can't decide whether I should get Shao or Pan first? Rrrrg...I dunno
    13. Oh I know~:aheartbea They're perfect for that aesthetic! Don's little teeth drive me crazy! So please SillyPeach post a gazillion pictures!
    14. If you want more pictures of Ringdolls, you can find them on the Chinese forum on Ringdoll's site. Use Google Translate to sign up and then look for the section called "&#31169;&#12398;BJD". Then, click away!

      Please do post pictures of your Don! I've also had him on my wishlist for a while.
    15. Don just have the cutest face ever:aheartbea. And Don`s little teeth and cute smily mouth also drives me crazy haha:D Oh why does it have to be so long before I can order Don and Ran style b:...( I have to order Dolmore suntan Paran kid girl and Dahlia first because they have been on my wish list for so long.
    16. Um actually I was saving up for a Lusion Doll Dahlia but my heart tells me I should save up for either DM Kid Suntan Paran Girl or Rindoll Don. So I am saving up for my next doll now, and I might just end up with getting Ringdoll Don first. I just can`t resist that slim body of his and his cute smile:D

      To to bad I have to buy my self new glasses first or I would have had the money for my new doll right now:|
    17. Thank you very much for the responses, dearmrsin! Especially the owner pictures.

      I am very excited to see the new dolls coming up, I'd say the ring teen female will be very pretty!
    18. Aww, he's such a cutie! Especially in those last two pictures ^^ Keep the pictures comin'!
    19. Those are some AWESOME pictures of the Teens! I'm glad to see what their makeup looks like!
    20. In the last picture which model is it?I really love him!
      I their body is too perfect!