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Ringdoll: The Atlas Sea - Carlos & Nair

Mar 15, 2012

    1. I didn't see this posted yet, so I decided to make a post about it! New releases coming soon from Ringdoll!


      《The Atlas Sea》

      "Legend of the North Sea" – a mysterious legend which belongs only to Adelaide of the North Sea, was circulating for years in the world of sailors and navy. It was their faith, their spiritual ballast, and the power that keeps everyone survive in this vast ocean.

      Before it was taken over by the Swan dynasty (the predecessor of "the Empire of Ring "), the Sea of Altas was full of killing and looting. Pirates, siren haunted from time to time. Merchant ships and tourists had already been panic-stricken before landing, and most of them had to take a detour.

      The appearance of the ship “Andrea Ghost" rewrote the history of this ocean. The crew was different from ordinary reckless pirates. They were capable and brutal, but disciplined and well-trained as soldiers with clear mind. The various forces of this ocean were beaten by them gradually.

      Release date to be advised. Llink to the full story and pictures: