Publication Ringdoll Valentine Event : pre-order date changes + News

Aug 21, 2018

    1. Dear All,

      One of our supplier, Ringdoll is currently offering a short discount Event :
      until August 23 : -20 % if you purchase 2 dolls, ans -15 if you purchase one.
      until September 7 : -15 % if you purchase 2 dolls, and -10% if you purchase one.

      Accordingly, please be aware that instead of placing one pre-order on the 31 of august, we will place 2, one on the 24th and one on the 8th of September.

      If you order on Octarine, Ringdoll discounts are available on the check-out page as promotion codes RINGDOLL10 and RINGDOLL20


      All the pre-orders for the other companies are taking place as usual on the last day of the month. Current event are listed here.

      Our newest partner, French artist Tendres Chimères, currently has limited petdolls directly available in store.


      Shipping is free for purchases over 1000 €

      We welcome Lay-aways and if you have more question feel free to check our F.A.Q or contact us !

      And don't forget to have a look at our "in store section" and ou "incoming dolls" section before leaving, to discover our dolls and accessories available immediately (or soon) !