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Ringdoll Valo and Kyo are availlable in Sales Promotion only for DOA friends

Feb 13, 2010

    1. Our newly released dolls Kyo and Valo are availlable for friends from DOA.

      Sales Promotion Activity No.1​
      Dear Ringdoll Family Members,

      March 10th will be Ringdoll’s first birthday. We truly appreciate your love and support to us in the past one year. Without you guys, Ringdoll family cannot grow so fast at all. We will try honestly best to create more and more lovely dreamy dolls in the future. Your satisfaction is the golden key that always keeps RD improving her product quality and service.

      Up to now, all kinds of RD dolls have been sold out because of your favors. I hereby thank you all again on the behalf of all RD family members. In the coming month, we will rebuild the RD IT system, and take Ringdoll Product Team and Customer Service Team upgraded to a new level in order to serve their customers better and more effectively.

      Ringdoll’s first birthday is on Mar 10 2010. To celebrate the 1st anniversary, Ringdoll will release a series of Sales Promotion activities to treat customers back. The first one is coming as follows:
      From Jan 28, 2010 – to Mar 9, 2010

      IF you Paypal Ringdoll a $359+$1 pre-order, you will get our environment-friendly and organic resin RTbody-2 with one Doll head you like. (just accept pre-order from 58 customers all over the world)

      IF you Paypal Ringdoll a $199+$1 pre-order, you will get our environment-friendly and organic resin RKbody-1 or RKbody-2 with one Doll head you like.
      ( just accept pre-order from 62 customers all over the world)

      Our Paypal address is : ringdoll2008@gmail.com

      Meanwhile, all customers who join this Pre-order Activity will also receive an invitation of next Special Sales Promotion Activity which will be on from Mar 10. We will send out all of your orders together after Mar 11.

      Again, thanks for your trust and love!
    2. Now it's not clear to me anymore... On Sakura Den Kyo/Valo is avaible in this promotion... Does this mean that they are only included in this promotion on Sakura Den or now DoA members can order directly from Ringdoll too, and get Kyo/Valo in this promotion all the same?
    3. Bake_Neko:

      Far as I understand, all Ringdoll dealers should have received the notice that you see in Post #1 as well as, more recently, a notice stating that Kyo and Valo are part of it.

      It's really the choice of the Ringdoll dealer whether or not they offer Kyo and Valo in the promotion. You'll have to ask your Ringdoll dealer. :)

      To clarify:

      If I'm wrong and a notice about Kyo and Valo added to the promotion were just sent out to specific dealers, just let your chosen Ringdoll dealer know about this notification for DoA members and they should allow you to order them with the promotion. :)