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Ringdoll "Welcome"

Dec 23, 2011

    1. Welcome:The full-set include : head(with face-up) + body + eyes + wigs + clothes +Normal Pan head(RTB6,without make-up)+Hanburger
      Just for out-China Ringdoll fans now.
      "God's burgers."

      A large number of deaths due to obesity had led to a crazy invention of diet bergers. Obesity scare produced physical and mental exhaustion, and the fear of enlarged internal organs bursting. After news of weight loss burger got out, people began to buy this crazy burger.

      The one that hawks diet berger is strange loner, he proclaimed he worshiped God. He told obese people simply because the body has accumulated too much evil, they can not have the perfect body as the others. This berger, he said, can make the body become thin, can purify their sin. Only purified souls who eat burger can have vitality to resist diseases, blessed by God. So everyone began to want to buy this burger, to make their souls become pure, so that their bodies can be under control.

      With fear, and curiosity, people became intrigued. Those need to lose weight began to frantically buying "God's hamburgers". The more they eat, the thinner they become, more thinner they are, the more they want to eat. This madness can not stop. People start to believe in using the burger to purify themselves, some use it simply to prevent sin accumulated in their bodies. A preventative measure.

      "God's burger" swept the town in just a month, everyone wants to blessed.

      At the same time, new deaths began, and these people did not die of obesity. So it alarmed no one, no one even care about the killer and cause of death. People are living a happy life of ease.

      However, The strange deaths caught police's attention and began their investigations. Police found a common theme. The victims were all severly underweight, as if the life were sucked out. Friends of victims recollected, eating "God's burger" let these people become irratic, they were obsessed with eating all the time, as if possessed by the devil. When police decided to question the loner, he suddenly gone missing ... ...

      But people are still getting "God's burger" from some place...

      Dark Ringdoll Team
      Ringdoll has released their promotion on their facebook wall:Ringdoll Ball Jointed Dolls
      Facebook and DoA/BJDcollectasy friends who share this post and like facebook wall -- "Ringdoll Ball Jointed Dolls" will have $50 shipping cost cut directly when ordering a doll(available till 28.02.2012).

      Other notice:

      A. leadtime for basic doll : 20 working days, for full-set doll(include different accessories) 30 working days.

      And a good news is -- for Ringdoll or Dark Ringdoll NEW STYLE dolls in the future(as FrankenStein and Vencet this month), we will always keep some stock in advance for early orders waiting for customers.

      B. We have fulfilled orders(to Nov. 2011) from our out-China dealers. Any customer or dealer have questions about rest orders, shipping check, new sales promotion policy and new orders, please email us through sales@ringdoll.com.

      C. Layaway 1-4 months is ok for Ringdoll product team.

      D. Customers no longer have to pay any Paypal fee(4%) if you choose Ringdoll.

      E. In the following 2012, Ringdoll & Dark Ringdoll will release many pretty new dolls(72cm, 63cm, 28cm) and many fantastic new styles(Lovely warm side and Dark side) with special accessories.
      The face-up will be much improved than before under new drawing artist. And for Basic doll, we would like to provide free face-up that cost $40-$65 in the past.

      F. Considering the management and product cost will be higher, we will raise price 5%-15%(different products will take different rates) some day in 2012. We will update the information in advance on www.ringdoll.com.

      G. Ringdoll & Dark Ringdoll team will have the spring vacation from Jan 20th, 2012 -- Feb 10th, 2012. But the customer service is always waiting your call or letters.

      If you have any question, please write to my friend from Ringdoll Jenny Guo Jenny@ringdoll.com
    2. Hi dear,my friend loves Welcome very much,she wonder is 6 months layaway available ?
    3. Welcome will be discontinued/Limited in Spring 2012 and Ringdoll facebook $50 promotion is available for him. My doll store will be open this Spring ^ ^ !!!

      Ringdoll guys accept 3-6 months layaway.
    4. I was told they only accept a maximum of a 4 month layaway now. It's even on one of the previous posts. They use to take a 6 month layaway, but I don't believe they do anymore.