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Robotfie!!! ^o^

Jul 8, 2005

    1. I just went to Volk's english sight and they now have a new product!! Robotfie!! :o There isn't any pictures but it sounds super cool! It's supposed to be a robot with the body of a figure. Look look look NOW!!
    2. Haahah, I think we posted at the same time! I hope they look like moving Super Dollfies ala Angelic Layer! Bet they'll end up looking like Gundams, though.
    3. OMG!!! It walks!!!! On its own!!! It dances!!!! i WANT one!!!!
      Walk, fight, and evolve!
      Here comes a challenger to the robot hobby world

      "Robofie VS-1"

      Boys’ ultimate dream is now made real

      I want a robot who moves as I like
      To make this dream come true, the greatest project team of all is gathered and the team turns this dream into a robot which walks firmly but with light steps as you want.

      Finally, we can get a robot which walks, fights, and evolves by our hand.

      The latest robot of which we have been dreaming for years will be yours soon.

      Next Generation Hobby Robot “ROBOFIE-VS-1"
      Walk on two feet (Electromagnetic adhesion)

      Height 300mm
      Weight 1kg
      assembled product

      Action variety:
      walk on two feet (normal speed/high speed), turn, turn and walk, grab, throw, kick, dance etc (max.16 variation)

      Body cover designed and produced by Zoukei-mura non-painted soft vinyl

      finish products with your own painting senses and techniques

      Assembly kit (with instruction leaflets)

      Propo controller, battery, a battery charge

      Summer 2005

      To be announced

      News Topic
      "ROBOFIE" - Press conference schedule

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    4. *Blush* Sorry for posting at the same time! :blush I'm so excited!! I'm definately thinking Angelic Layer here! :love Weeeeee!!! :D
    5. OMG OMG OMG I am so excited now. I wonder how much it's gonna cost. How can they fight? This will be sooooo awesome to see.
    6. Oh I bet it will cost a ton! But I wanna see pictures!!! *_*
    7. OMG. This is messed up - but I love it! I want a persocom! Come on Volks, get the Angelic Layer thing going and then make me some Chobits! :grin: I wonder if Ic-chan is working at Volks? o.O Or maybe Mokona from CLAMP is hovering over their shoulders.


      *Runs around like crazy until she falls over, wanting an Angelic Layer and a Chobit. *_* *

      Geez... Once they perfect the whole walking and fighting thing, and are able to make it jump just like a human, and they make a cute girl mold, I'm so TOTALLY buying one, even if I have to take out a loan!
    8. Our very own lil Angelic layer dolls! Does this mean all our moms will run away with lame excuses and abandon us?
      /lame AL joke.
    9. LOL yeah! And a crazy, slightly-perverted scientist will stalk us! :grin:
    10. Looks like there will be a news conference with demonstrations on Monday, 7/11. Hope they post photos shortly afterward!

      July 11th, 2005.(Monday)Am11:00~Pm12:00

      Volks Osaka showroom, 3F."Robot Stadium"
      4-9-14 Nihonnbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-005, JAPAN
      TEL 06-6648-6832

      Introduction of Project Summary by Hideyuki Shigeta, president of Volks Inc

      Introduction of "ROBOFIE" by project members

      Demonstration by project members

      Question and Photo Session

      Robofie VS-1
      Robofie Neon ver.
    11. I want see how it dances! How can this be possible? Think about the Honda Asimov Robot who isn't very cool and how hard that must be to do. And they say it's for boys, so I hope it doesn't look like a robot. I hope it looks human! MAN why is there no picture? Ugh! Wanna seeeeeeee wanna seeeeeeee
    12. It says it will have a vinyl covering, so I assume it will look human.
    13. Or it could be a vinyl robot covering...hahaha But I hope you're right. :grin: They say there's a neon version...that would be a funny-looking human.
    14. COOL ANgelic layer.......dollssssssssssssssss... :o :o :o :o we need to see pictures...
    15. Even if it starts out as robot looking, don't you just know they'll end up making SD-looking robot dolls for the girls? ^_^
    16. I dunno if I'm excited or scared. This is way to much like a sci-fi novel. :oops:

      *digs out Angelic Layer*

      ... I'm excited (as long as they're cute)!
    17. It sounds cool! Hope we can see the photos soon!
    18. Hehe, the natural evolution from robosapien and Aibo... I want to see pics too. I'm not setting my hopes on it for now, but sounds very promising.
    19. I wonder if, since it is for guys and has a vinyl body, if it will have a very.... adult body. We all know those naughty Japanese boys! :wink: