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Romance among dolls?

Nov 2, 2018

    1. Do you like to put your dolls in romantic pairings? If so, what sorts of relationships are you the most compelled to create?
    2. Most of my dolls already existed as characters before I got dolls for them. So they already had romantic partners made by my partner who I roleplay with.

      We have a mix of couples, both gay and straight. We do have a really big weakness for making Angel/Demon pairings though XD

      How about you?
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    3. Ooooh, that sounds so interesting and diverse! I especially love the idea of angel/demon pairings (I love angels in general, lol). Does your partner have dolls, too? Or do you just shell their characters?

      I really like the idea of having partners for my dolls to take pictures with, but most of my characters are from role plays, too, with someone else writing their partners. I kinda feel like I’d have to make up “non-canon” doll partners for them, and I’m just not sure I’d love the second doll as much as I would a pre-existing character. “That’s not your man, Cindy! You’re just a fill-in because I don’t have the rights to Margaret, so don’t you dare get too comfortable with him!!!” I really like vampire/human pairings, though. I don’t really have an orientation preference; most of my characters just end up being gay somehow.:lol:
    4. I've had a couple doll pairings throughout my bjd journey. At the moment I technically have 2 (one I only have a floating head for the girl and the other is more like a love triangle with the characters only being 12-13 so they don't know what love is yet). I have plans for another female doll to be the girlfriend of another one of my dolls (and little sister to another) but I'm trying to prioritize getting bodies for the two heads I need first.

      Honestly at one point or another I have shipped my own characters with either another doll character of mine or a friend's doll character, but there's no way they'd work out in my story. Like I ship my ghost girl with my main guy's little brother so hard, but she's been dead for 30 years (died at 13) and he's an alive pre-teen.
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    5. Honestly, since all of my dolls are my OC's, they tend to wind up eventually with someone. Vala, I gotta find the right mold for her love interest eventually. My MSDs Avalon (Resinsoul Song) and Kazumi (off topic Hujoo/Obitsu hybrid) are shipped together. Noah's a single pringle and is likely to stay that way. I only really have one pairing I'd love to see completed in doll form and that's to do with Vala. (If I had all the room I'd get all of my OC's as dolls.)

      Now... If I was able to get dolls of my OTP from fandom now that's a whole new ball game. ;)
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    6. Nearly all of my dolls are based off preexisting characters, and so they do nearly all pairs up and do have backstories for each, including romantic encounter. ^_^ I am a romantic at heart depIte being demisexual in reality, so I like to pair them up and create romantic encounters for them all. So far, the pairings are mostly straight, but I do have 3 gay pairing out of all of them (12 or so pairings). But couple of pairs do have an alternative universe 3-some and 4-some pairing going on together.
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    7. I like the idea of having doll couples I could photograph together, but between my dolls and my partner's, there are very few pairings that wouldn't look really weird (An adult and a small child? A teenage girl and a fairy the size of her hand? Ew no thank you.), and among the three "adult" dolls there's no sense of attraction. The characters all get along and the dolls look nice together in group photos or friendly couplings, but there's no sense of romance and it would feel really weird to pose them as if there were. I suppose it's because I tend to get dolls I like for their own sake and then create characters after I get them, rather than choose dolls to shell pre-existing characters and their relationships.
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    8. I have a mix of straight and gay couples. Not sure if I have a need to pair them up or if that's just how it works while my brain comes up with back stories. I also have a few dolls that have absolutely zero interest in relationships, usually paired with another that's completely head over heels for them while being oblivious. I guess I fall for all the cliché stories.
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    9. My MSDs do not have romantic relationships.

      My DikaDoll Shin and CharmDoll Dingdang are, though. Both are polyamorous and each other's primary. DingDang is pansexual and has a female partner as well. Shin is heterosexual though he does not (presently) have any other partners.
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    10. Yeah, it totally ended up that way for me - most of my dolls are in relationships with each other or will be with future dolls. What can I say, I just like taking romantic couple photoshoots. I'm not sure if Meng He and Qinzhe would say they're in an actual relationship, but there's something going on for sure...and they're already connected by the official company story, so of course I had to get them both. Aramy and Kestrel are shelling two OCs who are in a relationship, so that's a no brainer. Thorn is alone for now, but his boyfriend Elroy will be coming home soon. Heron is a somewhat different case, as he technically has two love interests, neither of whom are anywhere near being shelled right now, but he also has a connection with Ophiant, the witch who created him. I would hardly say it's romantic, but they also technically form a pair for photoshoots and stuff. I guess I like taking things in twos, lol.
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    11. All my dolls have characters attached to them, and the primary ones have kids together (so I guess it's pretty self-explanatory that they're a couple). Even though their relationship is straight, the female has had a same-sex relationship before because she's technically ambisexual. This relationship chart pretty much shows the web of stuff.
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    12. Many of my crew are resin versions of my tabletop RPG characters, or roleplayed MMO toons... If they had partners in-game, then they're likely to have them in doll form as well. (Grey Kestrel and Red Cardinal, the two old City of Heroes MMO characters in my avatar picture, are a good example of that. I bought their Iple EID forms, a Bibiane and a Tedros, together. It just wouldn't have seemed right to me to have one of them without the other.)

      Others in my collection are "doll only" characters that didn't exist in any other form prior to my buying the dolls themselves. Some of those have ended up paired with other dolls that they just seemed to suit and others haven't. It's a very "depends on the circumstances" kind of thing. Sometimes a new addition to the gang just looks too good next to another one NOT to associate them somehow. Tal and Ming (My older Sakaki and my Yori-) and Ophelia and Dakar (Jun T and F-17) are sort-of my poster children for that situation.

      Even the dolls that *aren't* really character avatars (and I do have a few of those-) aren't entirely immune. Sophia, for instance, always seems to end up sitting next to Catkin. They just look good together. :lol:
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    13. All my dolls have characters and some of them are in romantic pairings. Only one of them was (sort of) planned. The two others I planned ended up with someone other than I originally intended. That's partly based on the aesthetics of the dolls. My DIM girl just looks wrong next to the much more realistic Lume guy I originally meant to pair her with. She's now paired with my Xagadoll instead. I currently have 3 straight couples and 1 gay couple.

      The gay couple (who are both elves) and the older human pair seem to have stronger relationships than the younger human pair and the two fairies.

      My first doll is a woman who isn't interested in dating anybody, and several currently single dolls.
      #13 Leo Pheonix, Nov 2, 2018
      Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
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    14. All my dolls are characters in the novels I write. Considering that I write erotic romance, they are also all paired. I actually can't have unpaired dolls in-house. It drives my writer brain crazy. I've tried to have single dolls but it never lasts long before they end up with someone. My doll collection would be sooooo much smaller if I could have unattached dolls.

      All of the pairings I have are gay as that's the genre I write. Individually, some of the characters I have as dolls are gay and some are bisexual. I don't own any girl dolls. I also have more than one that is a permanent triad pairing.
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    15. Several of mine are paired, but far from all of them. It should be noted that all of my dolls are shells of my RP characters, so a lot of this is more like their written story than just putting dolls together. I have a range of relationship types.

      1. Parker is single currently, but has had a range of boyfriends. He's only 17, so it's nothing serious.
      2. Kier is forever single, he's asexual/aromantic.
      3. Lakin is in a relationship with an RP friend's girl, it's still fairly new, but he's head over heels!
      4. Luc is in a relationship with another RP friend's girl, it's his first real relationship so he's learning a lot.
      5. Charlie is in an open relationship with my sister's boy, it's unusual in that Charlie wants to have at least a wife too, maybe others, and live together as one big community family.
      6. Opaline is currently single, but has casually dated a couple of guys belonging to others.
      7. Meghan is in a high school romance with my sister's boy.
      8. Tate is in a high school romance with my sister's girl.
      9. Marley says love is for suckers, and she will NEVER date (unless the right girl gives her a chance).
      10. Zander likes to flirt with ALL the girls but won't settle down with any of them.
      11. Amir is married to another (unshelled) character of mine.

      Derby and Rose are children, so no pairing there. I have two on topic anthros who kind of go together as a pair,but it's not romantic. They just balance each other well, as one is mischievously evil and the other is playfully sweet.
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    16. Romantic relationships never really suited my dolls I guess. I plan to get another girl sometime soon (if I can manage to quit spending money:doh), and since my girls are all hetero (and I don't really fancy having a boy doll:sweat) they'll be single until further notice! I do like seeing other people's dolls in relationships though, they all seem to look so adorable together:D
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    17. Of my dolls, I have two long term couples. The others occasionally
      form short term relationships but so far only the two existing
      couples have stayed together.
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    18. I have two and they are completely platonic - mostly they just hang out and get into trouble together ^^ Generally I pick dolls based on sculpt and make a character for them afterward, so unless I find a pair that absolutely must be together I doubt any of mine will be romantic.
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    19. I feel like it would be fun, but I haven't been able to definitively pair any of my dolls off. If two dolls start to look good together, my natural compulsion is to say they're bestest bestest friends instead of lovers lol

      I have a Dream Valley Thorn coming that I've already decided will be a "bride of frankestein" girlfriend for my DZ Carter, but in my experience their characters and relationships sort of decide themselves...
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    20. Yep, not all of my dolls are paired/grouped up but I will admit a fair majority of them are. I will also say that most of them are gay or at least male/male relationships. Though I do have a straight couple (well straight guy, pan girl but they're together so meh,) and also a lesbian female doll who is currently single. Most of them existed as characters before they became dolls so they have stories and backgrounds, a bunch of which were roleplayed with awesome partners and so they have paired or grouped up. (My main and most special dolls are a polyamorous group of four guys who live and love together. I can't wait to have them all home and together, at the moment one of them is missing.)

      It's fun and I like having someone specific to take pics of my dolls with. But I also have a few single characters that aren't paired up yet and maybe won't even be. I'm not entirely sure yet. I like it both ways, having just dolls and having groups and pairings, but I do love my paired up dolls. They make me want to take pictures more so it's definitely fun and beautiful to me.
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