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Jun 15, 2007

    1. Do you here about them?
      here's gallery
      and their shop
      Their girl Yumi is 26 cm
      She's SUPER CUTE!
      But I think they don't ship internetional T_T
    2. mmm I don`t know since all the site is in Japanese but the doll is cute I`ll give you that =)
    3. Oh poo! Just when I thought I was totally happy with Binu....
      Hmm, her little sister?
    4. Oh, she's lovely! I do not need to fall in love with another pretty girl, esp if they don't ship overseas.
    5. She's one of the sweetest girls I've ever seen :D She reminds me Shiny by catgrove somehow...
    6. Interesting
      I like the blonde and I like the body sculpt
      there is somthing a little Pippitan about her ....
      the address is Korea ...so if they dont ship you could always ask Sienna to order for you

      cant see much info ..I cant navigate the site too well. I cant even find the price and the like on it ...I think I like her though:)

      Maniac ....I prefere the doll in your Avatar ....LOVE THAT SCULPT
    7. What I especially like in this Yumi doll is her lips and her ability to look soo different :D
      I sent an e-mail to the shop asking about shipping overseas ;)
      And her price is 250.000...hm, is it around 250$ ?

      Ohh, not Maniac, but Manic with stress on I (like in French) :lol:
      thank you Tinybear :fangirl: unfortunately my avatar-doll isn't bjd so I can't show her here :sweat but she's my first movable doll so I love her :love
    8. Opps sorry ....WOW YOU HAVE MOODLA ???
      you have one ??? PMing you
    9. me thinks I would like the blank head and body :aheartbea
    10. I like her too! Manic, if you know Korean it would be wonderful if you could write them. :) I wonder if they ship abroad, to Europe for example. And what kind of resin is it?

      oOOH, now I realise who's your avatar! It's a mooqla!!! They are so :aheartbea.
    11. It's pity but I don't know korean :(
      I think doll is urethane, but that's only my intention :sweat
      There was one doll at Yahoo japan.

      I know there was a thread about Mooqla dolls here on DoA but i had no idea they are so popular :D
    12. Oh my, I love her little body.
    13. She's totally cute :fangirl:
      I was thinking about Supia Yisol as my first bjd girl but if they ship to Europe I'll definitely buy Yumi :)
      *poor Yisol wait for me :...( *
    14. I really really like her sculpt, esp. her lips and the cut of her eyes.:aheartbea
      I wish we could get mor info about international shipping.

      (Or rather I should not, given my recent expenses, but... you never know.)
    15. I have a Supiadoll Yisol. She is wonderful, but a lot bigger than this Yumi girl. Yisol is around 40 cm. (I've got the tan version, btw.) :)
    16. But, why, why I opened this thread !!!?
      Gahh, I really love her little face !
    17. Oh Lord! I just promised myself that i had finished buying my quota of dolls for this year and then this little beauty comes along:...( :doh
      I'm waiting for my Catgrove Shiny to arrive and i would love to get my hands on this little one to be her sister:aheartbea

      if anyone finds out how to buy from the website PLEASE post here and let us know!
    18. Okay, before I get too excited about another doll, can anyone figure out if this doll can wear any ready made clothing? Kish, Barbie, Bratz, Tonner? I don't sew, so have to be able to find ready made things....