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ROSADOLL -Doll Convention [United Kingdom]

Jun 12, 2011

    1. Upcoming event!
      ROSADOLL, Leeds, UK
      Saturday 13th August 2011


      Discussion thread >Here<

      We are happy to announce that Yorkshire&#8217;s first ABJD convention is running this year!

      Rosadoll is a full day of workshops, competitions and socialising held in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

      Current Guests include:

      Icchaeyo from Viridian House who will beholding a Faceup workshop, so bring along your paints and pastels and get ready to join in!

      River/dieux_faux, who will be running a Photography workshop on how to get those picture perfect photographs in any situation.

      We also have two of the members of Angel dolls attending with the five dolls they have generously donated to the event.

      We also have lots to do to get your hands on those amazing prizes!

      Photography and Art Competition as well as a Fashion show where there will be two prizes for the best dressed, home-made and store bought. First prize for each competition is a doll! (check the website to find out which ones have which prize!)

      A bring and buy, so you can put all your unsold items into the bring and buy and collect all the proceeds at the end of the day. We will sell your items for you so you can enjoy the con!

      The event will also have a dedicated Photography area for you to get specific photographs of your dolls and during the Fashion show you will be able to get your dolls photographed by our guest River so you&#8217;ll have amazing shots from the event!

      Registration is open now on the website, as well as tickets to the raffle of which all proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help with the relief of the Japanese Tsunami.

      Registration includes a free gift, an itinerary, a con badge and extra little gifts. All held together in a Rosadoll bag!