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Update RoseDolls: RingDoll Dark Style Jessica + Dreaming Doll Free Shipping + Up to 30% off

Mar 4, 2010

    1. [​IMG]
      You can find us here:
      Or go directly to the Shop.

      Rosedolls is a UK BJD Dealer. We are located in England, United Kingdom and we do ship worldwide!

      We are currently dealers for:


      Main Updates:

      For all updates please visit:

      All Full Dreaming Doll BJDs now have free shipping, including those from the Elva Line, Honey Elva Line and Collection Line. ^^ Please add DREAMINGDOLLFREESHIPPING into the discount box when viewing the cart before checkout.

      There is a 30% discount on all Alice's Collections wigs till the 30th of September! There are hundreds to choose from so take a look here! ^^
      There is also a 10% discount on all shoes aswell which can be found here~
      In addition to that there is 20% off all Glass Cat Eyes and 10% off all other Glass Eyes!
      Keep a look out as more Alice's Collection items will be added over the next few days, hundreds of eyes and clothes and more (casual canvas style) shoes!

      Jessica, who can be found on RoseDolls here~ The earlier you preorder the lower the price!
      From Ringdoll:
      Ringdoll will begin to release "Dark Ringdoll" versions one by one to display special taste of BJD styles from today. Jessica is the 'No.1' and she was created before Halloween 2010.
      She is only available as the fullset.

      The full-set contains:
      Eyes, wig, two style of clothes(a black dress style and a butcher style), RD saw, Rshoes60-8, a rag doll, two heads(with different face-ups: one normal face-up head + one dark face-up head -- customer can choose one(price down) or take them both)

      There is a special discount for pre-order:
      Sep 17 -- Sep 30 <full set price = $699>
      Oct 1 -- Oct 13 <full-set price = $759>
      Oct 13 -- Oct 31 <full-set price = $859>
      After Oct 31, the price will be $859.

      (The dress style picture details will full-released on Sep 29.
      The butcher style picture details will full-released on Oct 13.)

      Trick or treat? What it will be?
      It&#8217;s Halloween &#8230; time to dress up you and your doll&#8230; when the creatures of the night are haunting outside&#8230; wait until dark for some spooky surprises &#8230; grab your arms to have
      fun !
      Reveal the Dark side !
      Have a howling Halloween !

      RESTRICTED: Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian

      If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through:

      -Through the contact form on the RoseDolls Site
      -Or email us as service@rosedolls.co.uk
    2. [​IMG]
      New company LittleMonica added to RoseDolls. Please check out their items on the site!
    3. RoseDolls can be contacted going to its homepage at http://www.wix.com/rosedolls/rosedolls. Click 'FAQ' read the information about its email form and then click 'Contact'--that will open the form so you may send a message.

    4. [​IMG]
      Angelheim's limited edition KOZY 'MR.RACOON.' boy is now available at RoseDolls here!
    5. [​IMG]
      New company Ring Doll added to RoseDolls. Please check out their items on the site!
    6. [​IMG]

      I'm happy to announce that all full Ring Doll BJDs now come with a free face up!
    7. [​IMG]
      New company Dreaming Doll added to RoseDolls. Please check out their items on the site!
    8. [​IMG]
      New Harmony Girl released- Sarubia! Check her out here!


    9. [​IMG]
      We are now a dealer for DIKADOLL! All jointed hands have been uploaded and more items are to be added to RoseDolls soon! Check out the hands here! Remember, it is still possible to order items from DikaDoll even if the items are not yet on the RoseDolls site. And what would a new company addition be without free shipping? We are offering free shipping for the first 5 orders from DikaDoll on full dolls or doll parts (including the jointed hands!)

    10. [​IMG]
      We are now dealers for Dolls of Paradise clothing! Check them out here!
    11. [​IMG]
      RoseDolls is a dealer for Ersa Flora Eyes! Check them out here!
    12. [​IMG]
      Dreaming Doll have released a new limited edition girl- 'Hip Hop Girl Mimi'. Only 100 sets are available! She is available for pre order from RoseDolls here~ Don't miss out!

    13. [​IMG]
      Military Style Boys are now available at RoseDolls here! There are two new sculpts- Spencer and Ashford along with new styles for Shao, Pan and Don!
      Pan Style C:
      Don Style B:
      Shao Style C:
    14. [​IMG]
      Little Monica have released a new doll in their Harmony Line- Basic Enrill! You can find him at RoseDolls here!
    15. [​IMG]
      Bobo from the Honey Elva Line has been rereleased! You can pre-order this cutie at RoseDolls here! Bobo is available with a girl or boy body.
    16. RING DOLL:
      From the 20th of May to the 20th of June Ring Doll are providing the following promotion the celebrate their new military style boys. When you purchase a 1/3 nude doll or a 1/3 full set doll you can get a 20% discount on a full set outfit (including shoes), wig and eyes. If you buy one set this applies to one full outfit, if you buy two 1/3 dolls then two outfits and so on.
    17. RING DOLL:
      Ring Doll have released their first Girl in their Teenager line- Wagashi! She can be found on RoseDolls for preorder here!
    18. RING DOLL:
      A new style has also been released for Valo here!
      Introducing AngelHeim's new and first girl- Zena! She is a basic doll and is available in the styles 'Medusa' and 'Ice Queen'. She is available now at RoseDolls here and here! If you order her between June 3rd and June 24th in the first preorder period you will receive $100 off each fantasy part! (Snake parts and Ice Parts). This applies to Zena only. Please email us at: service@rosedolls.co.uk if you would like to order her.

      Zena 'The Medusa':

      Zena ' Ice Queen':
      We are happy to announce that RoseDolls now have a rewards points system for customers! This is very similar to that which you may have come across on most BJD sites. When you make a purchase with RoseDolls in the new shopping system you will be credited with points based on the value of your purchase and this will contribute towards money off your next purchase! You also get points when you refer friends to RoseDolls and they place an order!
      Please note: You must sign up and create an account with RoseDolls before/when purchasing to gain the points immediately after purchase.

      If you would like to order through the old system then points can be credited to you when you sign up for an account on the new system. If you have already purchased from RoseDolls then please sign up for an account and send us an email and you will be credited with your previous order(s)! Enjoy! :D