Rosen garden 19cm new body

Nov 2, 2017

    1. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has the measurements for the new 19cm body? It would help alot when it comes to finding clothes
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    2. Tatiana just sent the measurements to me:

      head to feet - 19cm
      head (circumference) - 7cm
      neck - 3cm
      chest - 7,2cm
      waist - 5,7cm
      wrist (circumference) - 1,7cm
      arm (circumference) - 2,8cm
      (from clavicle to navel/waist straight line: 3,5cm)
      hip - 8,2cm
      torso length - 5cm
      shoulder (width, without arms) - 2,5cm
      shoulder (width, with arms) - 4cm
      shoulder to feet - 15,3cm
      leg (with feet) - 10,3cm
      arm (to wrist) - 5cm
      arm (from armpits to wrist) - 4,3cm
      foot (length) - 2cm
      foot (width) - 0,9cm

      eye size:
      white - 4mm,
      iris - 2mm (flat dome)
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